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Keeping it classy

College is hard, classes are stressful, but sometimes you can find a course that's actually really interesting and maybe even fun. Whether it's to fulfill a course requirement or to take as an elective, we've compiled a list of unconventional classes from almost every college so you can spice up your class schedule during registration. 

College of Arts and Sciences

  •  ANTH 214 – Drinking Culture: Anthropology of Alcohol 
    •  Gain an anthropological understanding of drinking culture from ancient time to the present. After all, they did have beer in Ancient Egypt. Students for this class must be 21 or older.
  •  BIOL 534 – Animal Behavior
    •  Examine and compare the behavior of all animals, from protists to humans, on a physiological basis. Maybe now you’ll understand why your dog keeps chewing your shoes.

Arnold School of Public Health

  • HPEB 627 – LGBT Health
    •  Focusing on the health concerns of the LGBT community, students will examine measurement issues, research considerations and intervention efforts angled toward the LGBT community. Classes are limited to junior, senior and graduate students. There is also an honors section.

College of Engineering and Computing

  •  CSCE 274 – Robotics Application and Design
    •  Do you like working with your hands? Then this class might be the one for you. Design, create and control your own robot and impress all your friends.

College of Education

  •  PEDU 171 – Swing Dancing
    •  Physical education still counts in college, right? Learn how to flip, spin and move your partner across the dance floor with the practiced ease of someone who just came from the 1940s. There is a $10 fee for this class.

College of Hospitality, Retail and Sports Management

  • SPTE 305 – Business of NASCAR
    •  NASCAR involves a lot more than just fast cars turning left. Learn about the overall industry and its management through a series of guest speakers who are experts in their field. Who knows, maybe you’ll even take a class field trip to Darlington Raceway?

College of Information and Communications

  • JOUR 392 – Podcasting and Audio Production
    • Obsessed with NPR or binge-listening to “This American Life?” Learn how to make your own podcast and maybe become the next Terry Gross.

 School of Music

  • MUSC 129 – University Chorus
    •  Used to do chorus in high school? Get back in the swing with this 1-credit-hour course that will reunite you with the sound of music. No audition necessary.

Darla Moore School of Business

  • MGMT 472 – Entrepreneurship and Small Business
    •  Learn about entrepreneurship and small business then transfer that knowledge toward creating your own business by the end of the semester. Open to management majors only.

College of Social Work

  • SOWK 307 – International Social Work and Social Justice
    •  Gain a framework for an understanding of social work and social justice issues on an international level. Specifically, students will study human rights violations in China, Central and South America, the Middle East, India and Africa.

South Carolina Honors College

  •  SCHC 450 – MeToo: Young Adult Literature Grapples with Sexual Harassment and Assault
    •  Honors students will examine how the recent #MeToo movement is affecting the YA genre, how its adjusting to and addressing these topics.

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