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The Carolina Closet at the Gamecock Community Shop

What's in store? 🛍

Gamecock CommUnity Shop provides support to Gamecocks experiencing basic needs insecurities

The Carolina Coliseum has housed championship basketball programs, career fairs, events, concerts, numerous schools and colleges and much, much more.

Now, it’s home to one of the most valuable resources on campus: The Gamecock CommUnity shop.

The mission of the shop is simple: increase accessibility and provide support to individuals experiencing basic needs insecurities.

The shop, located in Suite 4000 of the Coliseum, includes the Carolina Closet, Self Expression Closet and Gamecock Pantry.

The Carolina Closet provides professional clothing and the Self Expression Closet provides gender-neutral clothing to students, faculty and staff. The Gamecock Pantry provides food assistance to students, faculty and staff.

Olivia Gillespie, a graduate student in the master of public administration program, serves as the student executive director of the pantry.

Her passion for addressing food insecurity can be traced all the way back to when she was 10 and started collecting items for the food bank in her small hometown of Clinton, N.C.

“If we can provide needs at the basic level, I feel like we're doing something right because college is stressful for everyone,” Gillespie says. “Having one thing off your plate that we can help provide for free is an amazing thing. We provide that to students, faculty and staff every day.”

Gamecocks in need of any of the three services just need to present their Carolina Card and they will automatically receive 40 points a month at the pantry and 25 points per semester for the closets. Most pantry and clothing items are worth one point and some smaller pantry items are worth half a point. 

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    Bring your Carolina Card

    All you need is your Carolina Card to access all elements of the shop. Register at the front desk to receive your points.

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    Go shopping

    Shop for your items in the pantry or closets. 

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    Check out

    You receive 40 points a months for the pantry and 25 points a semester for the closets. 


Basic Needs Coordinator Rachel Brasell wants Gamecocks to know these services can fill many needs — big or small — that pop up at the university.

Anyone is welcome to stop by between classes to get a snack, pick up a notebook or build a new outfit for an internship interview.

The Gamecock CommUnity Shop is always looking for help from those around the university. Donations are always welcome and donors can drop items off locally or support from afar by making a cash gift or buying something off the shop’s Amazon Wishlist.

"By addressing basic needs insecurity on our campus, the CommUnity Shop contributes to the physical and emotional well-being of our students, faculty, and staff and fosters a strong sense of community," First Lady and supporter of the pantry Ero Aggelopoutou-Amiridis says.  "We are thankful for any support provided to our Gamecocks."

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  • Helping students in need

    If you or a student you know is experiencing challenges with access to adequate food, stable housing, clothing, academic materials, or other resource concerns impacting your wellness and ability to continue your education submit a basic needs referral.

    For more ways to support the shop, email

    Submit a basic referral