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A Single Platform for Creating and Managing Video Content

Panopto is a single platform for instructors to create and manage their video content. After an extensive trial and testing period in December of 2021, USC purchased full licensing for Panopto. On August 10, 2022, it was made available for all USC instructors.

Michael Brown, eLearning Services Specialist in the Division of Information Technology said,

Panopto is mostly used by faculty to build videos to post to their courses online which students can watch at their own pace.

Michael Brown, eLearning Services Specialist, Division of Information Technology
Michael Brown

Brown continued to say that Panopto is a very robust system for creating those videos, editing them, and providing the instructors with the ability to store the videos and to link the videos directly into their Blackboard core.

Barry Duvall, Media Services says,

Panopto seamlessly integrates with Blackboard, it is just one of the myriad of tools that Blackboard offers.

Barry Duvall, Media Service
Barry Duvall

Panopto was purchased for the University of South Carolina primarily as a lecture capture application for asynchronous learning where instructors can record a video and offer the video to students. It also has another major function, content management.

Duvall, says,

this is huge, because of the technological decade we live in content management is important and Panopto allows you to ingest any type of video, not just the videos you have created. It also talks to multiple platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Blackboard Collaborate and more.

Faculty and instructors will find that there are a number of pedagogical applications and features for using Panopto in their courses.

  • Students can view lectures and materials purely on their own time.
  • You have the ability to add quiz questions to any video at any point during the presentation.
  • Using Smart Search, users can search for any word that is spoken or shown in any video in your library and fast forward to that precise moment in one click.
  • Users can add time-stamped bookmarks to videos as a way to easily return to sections of a video that they need to reference in the future.

There are additional Panopto features that make recording and integrating  videos into your courses easier and more effective such as:

  • Panopto’s free online screen recorder lets you record video presentations and video messages without downloading any software or installing any apps or plugins. You can also capture video from virtually any recording device you can plug into your laptop or computer.
  • Panopto's technology automatically transcribes every video you upload, generating captions that can be edited manually or used as-is.
  • You can get detailed reports on audience engagement and comprehensive insights into viewing behavior.

For more information visit the Panopto website. Panopto also has a phenomenal support base and provides help at Panopto Support. You can type in their search engine and ask questions on the application. They also provide short videos for demonstration.

Detailed instructions can be found in the DoIT Knowledge Base. In addition, instructors may attend training sessions, offered by eLearning Services and the Center for Teaching Excellence. If you have questions about Panopto, contact the DoIT Service Desk at 803-777-1800 or submit a ticket.

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