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Teaching Innovation Grants for Course Transformation

Note: This program has a 3-step application process. Departments who wish to apply should (1) submit a statement of interest and select two faculty proponents to (2) attend a follow-up informational interview. Departments who complete the interview may then elect to (3) submit a complete proposal due on November 21, 2016, to be considered for funding.

Submission Deadline Extended to Friday, October 14, 2016


The Center for Teaching Excellence, with support from the Office of the Provost, invites departments to state their interest in redesigning a high-impact undergraduate course in their curriculum with significant D/F/Withdrawal rates. The purpose of this new grant program is to improve undergraduate student learning by supporting departments in incorporating evidence-based teaching and course design practices in the delivery of high-impact courses. Awardees will partner with the CTE in an 18-month, rigorous, team-based, faculty-driven process based on the nationally-recognized Course Transformation approach.

Up to two grants of $20,000 will be awarded to departments to help support a faculty team leader and a graduate assistant (or equivalent personnel) to coordinate the project. Funding will potentially be renewable for a second year given successful progress during the first phase of funding. Funding priority will be given to general education and major-gateway courses that serve more than 100 students annually.

Each funded department will organize a faculty-led redesign team consisting of 3-7 individuals involved with the course (including, for example, the course coordinator, one or more faculty members who regularly teach the course, a TA who assists with the course, etc.) to undertake a self-study of the course prior to redesign, to draw on research and best practices in revising the course, and to plan for assessment, sustainability, and continuous improvement of the redesigned course. The department will assemble its team to begin work January 2017.

Application Process

Departments who wish to apply should:

  • Complete the Statement of Interest form no later than October 14, 2016.
  • Identify at least two faculty proponents to attend an interview with members of the selection committee.
    Interviews will be conducted through October 28, 2016. At the interview proponents will discuss the course, hear a more detailed overview of the Course Transformation process, and receive instructions for moving forward with the final proposal.
  • Submit a completed proposal by November 21, 2016.

Course Transformation Grants Submission Form
Course Transformation Grants Guidelines

General Requirements:

Funded departmental teams will:

  • Convene regular team meetings during the funding period to plan, collaborate, and discuss the redesign of the course;
  • Involve all team members in the redesign process;
  • Work collaboratively with a CTE facilitator and instructional designer throughout the process;
  • Conduct a self-study of the course and plan and pilot the redesigned version within the 18-month grant period (January 2017-June 2018);
  • Fully implement the redesigned course and establish a sustainability plan by the end of Year 2 (2018-2019), if a second year of funding is granted;
  • Complete interim progress reports each semester, as well as a final report and campus presentation when the project is complete.

More detailed information about the process and requirements will be provided at the informational interview.

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