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University 101 Programs

Our Impact Stories

Each year, approximately 500 instructors, peer leaders, and graduate leaders teach more than 300 sections of our courses and help over 5,500 students in their transition to, through, and out of college. Each of these students, instructors, peer leaders, and graduate leaders has their own story. Our Impact Stories showcase the individuals who benefit from and contribute to our work, and aim to bring these numbers to life.

Image of Tawana Johnson

Teaching University 101 Leads to Personal and Professional Development

As University 101 Instructors, Tawana Johnson and Dr. Kara Montgomery positively impact first-year students. Teaching the course has also helped them develop skills that enhance their work in their primary roles. 

Students on the Horseshoe

University 101 Offers Transfer Students Support and Community

Although they come to the University of South Carolina with previous college experience, UofSC's transfer students can still benefit from taking University 101. A transfer section of the first-year seminar offers the support and community transfers need to thrive and find their place in their new environment. 

Image of student writing symbolizing academics

University 101 Academic Recovery Section Offers Students a Second Chance

Students who struggled academically during their first semester at USC are invited to enroll in a spring section of University 101 aimed at helping them get back on track and achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals. 

Image symbolizing pre-med course

University 401 Prepares Students for Medical School

Each year, Eileen Korpita teaches two special sections of University 401 designed to help students apply and make the transition to medical school.

Cynthia Newman's U101 class

University 101 Classmates Enhance Experience for Peers

Former University 101 students Gabby Brewer and Mac Meyer made significant personal contributions to the learning environment within their University 101 classroom, enhancing the classroom experience for others. 

Tom Syfert with U101 Class

Class Service Project Helps Community and Students

Each fall, students in Tom Syfert's University 101 class participate in a class service project, leading to personal growth, social awareness, and a greater sense of community.

Elizabeth with theater cast and crew

Finding Courage and Confidence Through the Peer Leader Experience

Elizabeth Jennings, a senior at the University of South Carolina, shares how her peer leader experience led to personal growth.

Dr. Rotholz Teaching

Teaching University 101 Enhances Teaching in Other Courses

Faculty members Joe Jones, Alan Spies, and Julie Rotholz use strategies learned in their University 101 training to improve their teaching in discipline-specific courses.

Chloe Hayley Image

Student Overcomes Obstacles with Help from University 101 Instructor

Chloe Holowczenko, a sophomore at Carolina, tackled her freshman-year struggles with the help of her University 101 instructor, Hayley Ross.


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