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University 101 Programs

Our Staff

Headshot of Dan Friedman

Dan Friedman, Executive Director

Dan Friedman provides leadership for University 101 Programs, which includes six academic courses, 290+ instructors, and 300+ Peer/Graduate Leaders.

Headshot of Valencia

Valencia Abraham, Administrative Assistant

Valencia Abraham provides administrative support for the University 101 Programs office as well as serving as the first point of contact for students, parents, and instructors. She assists with maintaining UNIV course schedules, preparing materials for courses, and much more. 

Headshot of Jasmine

Jasmine Carter, Program Coordinator for Faculty Development

Jasmine coordinates and assists with the logistics for faculty development events and assessment. Jasmine also manages the M. Stuart Hunter Award for Outstanding Teaching process and the UNIV 101 syllabi review process.

Headshot of Callyn Fahey

Callyn Fahey, Assistant Director for Resources

Callyn leads the development and revisions of curricular and faculty support resources, including the Faculty Resource Manual and SharePoint intranet. She manages the creation of the Transitions textbook and serves as the primary contact with campus partners to ensure all information and materials are accurate and engaging. Callyn also assists with faculty development initiatives and provides support to UNIV instructors. 

Sandy Image

Sandy Greene, Associate Director for Partnerships

Sandy Greene oversees the office's campus partnership and peer leader areas.

Headshot of Katie

Katie Hopkins, Associate Director for Faculty Development and Resources

Katie Hopkins leads the faculty development and resources areas. Katie is responsible for the training and support of UNIV 101 instructors and serves as the primary point of contact for new instructors. Katie also oversees the Graduate Leader Program. Additionally, Katie oversees the Transitions textbook, Faculty Resource Manual, SharePoint intranet, and Sample Course Plan. Katie is also the chief liaison with the Office of the Provost for the First-Year Reading Experience. 

Headshot of Ailie

Ailie MacLennan, Program Coordinator for Peer Leadership

Ailie MacLennan assists in the recruitment, selection, matching, and training of University 101 Peer Leaders. 

Headshot of Dustin

Dustin Roberts, Assistant Director for Quality Enhancement

Dustin Roberts oversees the University 101 syllabus review process and assists with quality enhancement efforts within University 101 Programs to ensure a high-quality course experience, document program effectiveness, and identify improvement strategies. Dustin also manages departmental administrative functions related to facilities management, IT, and event management by supervising the administrative support team.


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