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University 101 Programs

Our Staff

Dan Image

Dan Friedman, Director

Dan Friedman provides leadership for University 101 Programs, which includes six academic courses, 240+ instructors, and 240+ Peer/Graduate Leaders.

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Catherine Greene, Associate Director

Catherine Greene helps provide leadership for the department and is responsible for University 101 Program's campus partnerships. This includes developing curriculum and training materials related to campus resources, and managing the Outstanding Advocate for First-Year Students Award. Catherine also collaborates with the Office of the Provost in providing leadership for the First-Year Reading Experience. 

Sandy Image

Sandy Greene, Assistant Director for Communications

Sandy Greene oversees the communication and marketing efforts of University 101 Programs. Sandy also manages the University 101 Scholarship. 

Emma Image

Emma Reabold, Assistant Director for Peer Leadership

Emma Reabold is primarily responsible for the recruitment, selection, matching, and training of University 101 Peer Leaders and Graduate Leaders. 

Carrie Image

Carrie Van Haren, Assistant Director for Curriculum and Assessment

Carrie Van Haren oversees the planning, editing, design, and publication of the University 101 textbook, manages departmental assessment projects and course evaluation processes, and develops curricular materials and resources based on assessment data. 

James Image

James Winfield, Assistant Director for Faculty Development

James Winfield provides one-on-one support and guidance for University 101 instructors and coordinates continuous instructor training and development opportunities throughout the year. 

Carlos Image

Carlos Diaz, Technology Manager

Carlos Diaz provides leadership in the development of a strategic vision for technology services.

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Bert Easter, Information Resource Consultant

Bert Easter provides information technology support for the University 101 office staff and classroom support for University 101 instructors across campus. 

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Katie Hopkins, Program Coordinator for Faculty Development, Curriculum & Assessment

Katie Hopkins is primarily responsible for the development and revision of resources for instructors, such as the Faculty Resource Manual, SharePoint, and the weekly newsletter. Katie also provides logistical support for faculty development events and the M. Stuart Hunter Award for Outstanding Teaching in University 101. 

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Haley Joy, Administrative Assistant

Haley Joy provides administrative support to the University 101 Programs office. Her role includes daily contact with students and instructors, assisting with fall and spring course scheduling, and budgetary financial tasks. Haley also manages Beyond the Classroom Funds. 

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Rachael Nicholos, Graduate Assistant for Peer Leadership

Rachael Nicholos works with the Peer Leader Program and specifically assists with the recruitment, selection, and training of 200+ peer leaders. 

Keah Image

Keah Tandon, Administrative Specialist

Keah provides administrative support to the University 101 Programs office. She serves as the first point of contact for instructors, peer leaders, and students, and provides office and logistical support. Keah manages the front desk, fields phone calls and inquiries, and assists program staff.