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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Facility

The Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Facility operates a Bruker D8 Quest diffractometer with sample operating temperatures of 90 to 300 K.


Single crystal structure determination of a wide range of small molecule and extended inorganic compounds:

Organic & inorganic crystals, organometallic compounds, coordination polymers, high-temperature solid-state materials.

Problem Structures:  Disordered and twinned crystals, superstructures, and unstable crystals (oxygen and moisture sensitivity, rapid loss of solvent from crystal).

The diffractometer is equipped with a KRYOFLEX low-temperature device operating in the temperature range 90-300 K, enabling low-temperature and variable temperature studies of single crystals (phase transitions, spin-crossover phenomena, and crystal thermochromism).



The facility operates a Bruker D8 Quest diffractometer, equipped with an Incoatec high-brilliance Mo microfocus X-ray source and a PHOTON 100 CMOS area detector.  Sample temperatures between 90 and 300 K are attainable using the Kryoflex low-temperature device.

This system is for structure determination from single crystals using X-ray diffraction. Crystals of organic, metal-organic, inorganic compounds, as well as alloys and high-temperature solid state materials, can be studied.

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