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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Powder X-Ray Diffraction Facility

Our Powder X-Ray Diffraction Facility comprises a Rigaku Ultima IV powder X-ray diffraction system and Bruker D2 Phaser powder X-ray diffractometers.


Collection of powder X-ray diffraction data for a wide variety of powdered samples

  • Samples for which data can be collected include air sensitive materials.
  • Analysis includes peak identification, and phase identification using the PDF data base.



  • Rigaku Ultima IV Powder X-ray diffraction system (Cu Kα radiation) with a diffracted beam graphite monochromator.  A hot stage is available.
  • Bruker D2 Phaser with LYNXEYE silicon strip detector. This instrument is used for the collection of routine powder X-ray diffraction patterns.


Sample Submission

For best results we use about 0.2 g of powdered material.  Smaller quantities can be run.  It is possible to collect data on quantities as small as 10 mg using a zero background holder, albeit with reduced signal intensity.

To submit a sample please complete the Powder X-ray Diffraction Sample Submission Form [pdf] and deliver samples to John M. Palms Center for Graduate Student Research Room 503.

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