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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Mass Spectrometry Center

Mass Spectrometry Center


The mission of the MS Center in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is to provide centralized access to high performance mass spectrometry resources for researchers at the University of South Carolina, as well as to public and private institutions within the state of South Carolina.

Instruments housed in the center were funded in part by NSF and NIH, as well as by a gift from Glaxo-Wellcome.  All instruments are operated and maintained by a staff of expert mass spectrometrists.  The staff is available to users for consultation on experimental design as well as for guidance and training on instrument operation.

Samples are accepted on an equal fee-for-service basis from all researchers at the University of South Carolina, and from outside investigators upon consultation with the center staff.  Please contact the director for a correct fee schedule.

Services Provided by the Center

  • EI and CI spectra:  High and low resolution analyses available.
  • GC-MS:  Positive ion and negative chemical ionization, with high resolution and MS/MS available for high sensitivity work.
  • Electrospray and APCI:  Low resolution or accurate mass analysis of purified compounds by direct infusion or loop injection analysis.  MS/MS available for structural analysis.
  • LC-MS:  Electrospray and APCI ionization available.  Separation by narrowbore or capillary HPLC.  MS/MS available for quantitation, peptide microsequencing and protein identification, etc.
  • MALDI-TOF/TOF:  Analysis of polymers and biomolecules.
  • ICP-MS:  Trace elemental detection with high resolution.
  • User training:  Training is available for students and researchers who will be using the instrumentation for extended projects.  Contact the center staff for details.

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