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School of Medicine Greenville

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Maglin Halsey-Nichols

SOMG Graduation Year? 

  • 2016

What are you doing professionally now? 

  • I currently work clinically at two University of North Carolina Emergency Departments and serve in a couple of administrative roles including as assistant program director for our EM residency and co-division chair for our department’s Division of Global Health and Health Equity. I also help teach medical students and run a summer pathway program in Emergency Medicine for college students! 

Any personal life updates or big milestones since graduating? 

  • Since graduating, I completed my residency at Vanderbilt and then moved to NC. My husband and I have a daughter who is 2 years old and another daughter on the way this fall. Once I completed my training, my husband finally got the chance to change careers after working for 8 years as an engineer. 

Best memory of your time at SOMG?

  • Some of the things I look back on the most fondly were actually some of the toughest times. The hours spent studying and rotating through clerkships were challenging, but knowing my classmates were all nearby working through the same material and going through the same clinical rotations and then getting to celebrate many milestones along the way was so fulfilling and exciting. 

How did your time at SOMG prepare you for where you are today?

  • Getting to be a member of the charter class and experience what it means to build something and work through obstacles has given me skills I use every day, both in the clinical and nonclinical settings at work now. I am so proud of what we were able to do as a charter class and love seeing how successful medical students who follow us have been.  

What person, course, or experience most influenced you while at SOMG?

  • My peers definitely shaped how I learned and who I am as a physician. Everyone in my class played a role in my education in one way or another! I also look back and laugh now when I think about how uncertain I was about the EMT training, but then I ended up pursuing Emergency Medicine. There’s no doubt that that training changed how I went through medical school and chose a career. 

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