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School of Medicine Greenville

Fifth Annual SOMG Student Research Symposium

More than 120 research presentations covered cutting-edge medical technology and some of the most important health care topics at the Fifth Annual USC School of Medicine Greenville Student Research Symposium held July 14.  

Rising M2 medical students at the School of Medicine Greenville (SOMG) presented their research efforts from the spring and summer. This annual event included student oral presentations, poster sessions, an award ceremony and networking opportunities for students and research mentors.

The research presentations covered a range of topics, exploring many of the most important aspects of modern health care. Presentation topics included: robotic assisted surgery, diabetes management through a mobile clinic, mechanisms by which a strain of COVID-19 contributes to host immune evasion and host RNA regulation; and severity score variability for pediatric Respiratory Synitial Virus (RSV) infections, to name just a few.  

A total of 88 School of Medicine Greenville medical students presented on their research — with 78 presenting posters and 10 making oral presentations before an audience of fellow medical students, incoming SOMG first-year students, faculty and other attendees. “You are making discoveries that can help save lives,” Dean Marjorie Jenkins told medical students who presented research.  

This summer, 72 SOMG students received stipends to help fund their research projects. “Many of our donors have come forth to help generously fund these stipends,” said Dean Jenkins, “and we are passionate about getting this to 100-percent research stipends for all our students.”  
Please see the link to the full list of SOMG medical student Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations from the 2023 Research Symposium.

In addition to SOMG medical students, 45 undergraduate presenters — from the R25 Program and SOMG research labs — and three high school students also presented their research.

From 17 total presentations during the first year of the symposium to more than 120 presentations this year, the annual research symposium has grown in the number of presentations and the scope of the research covered.  

The growth of the student research program here at the School of Medicine Greenville over the past five years has been outstanding.

Dr. Jennifer Grier, associate professor at SOMG

“The growth of the student research program here at the School of Medicine Greenville over the past five years has been outstanding,” said Dr. Jennifer Grier, associate professor at SOMG. “In 2019, the first year of our research symposium, there were 17 presentations, while this year there was over 120 presentations including posters and oral talks. It is really amazing what our students have accomplished.”

The fifth annual research symposium was held at the Clemson School of Nursing Auditorium and SOMG/Clemson School of Nursing Connector. 

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