Five questions with Lindsay Richardson

Student Government President Lindsay Richardson delivered the State of the Student Body Address  this November. Here's what she had to say about that important speech, the programs students can look forward to in the spring and her own plans for her final semester. 

What were the key takeaways from your State of the Student Body Address?

A key takeaway that I hoped was portrayed is the fact that it takes many people to accomplish any task. This year I chose to highlight the work of Student Government by having each member working on a protect and initiative talk about their progress. I believe that its important to show the many student leaders who come together to make campus better and are passionate about serving.

What is Student Government working on for next semester?

Students can definitely look forward to some new services and programs next semester. We are working on completing the Carolina Closet, Tax Clinic, Syllabus Bank and Pin of Leadership. All of these initiatives are here to improve the the student experience and set up Gamecocks for success. 

How can students voice their own ideas for change? 

Carolina Concerns  is one method where students can submit any campus concern online. Responding to randomly selected surveys is also another way to share opinions or ideas. Students can also reach out to their representative in the Student Senate and voice their opinions. Students can visit the Student Government offices to speak in person to a member or reach out about an issue.

What is one thing you think students should know about their role in fulfilling the Carolinian Creed on campus?

One thing students should know about their role in fulfilling the Carolinian Creed is that it is not only our responsibility to follow the tenants but discourage behavior that goes against everything for which the Carolinian Creed stands. By doing this we create a welcoming environment for all Gamecocks and guests, and we live up to the promise we made the University of South Carolina.

 What do you, personally, hope to achieve in the spring 2015 semester? 

I hope to help finish the goals Student Government has set. I hope to inspire others that anyone can rise to leadership and make their time at Carolina extraordinary. I hope to cross off the 11 things left on my UofSC Bucket List. I hope to learn how to shag before graduation. I hope to enjoy my last semester and cherish every moment. And above all, I hope to join all the Gamecocks of the Class of 2015 walking across the stage during May commencement.



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