UofSC seeks parents for family program study

The University of South Carolina’s Parenting and Family Research Center is looking for parents of young children with behavior challenges to participate in a three-month program called Triple P.

Specifically, the study seeks parents whose 3- to 7-year-old children are struggling with disobedience, aggressive behavior or tantrums. Families are screened for participation. There is no cost.

The center is conducting the study to evaluate the effectiveness of Triple P being offered to parents in an online computer format.

Parents in families who qualify and participate will benefit from learning ways to:

  • deal effectively with problem behaviors when they occur, including disobedience, aggression, fighting, tantrums, bedtime problems and shopping disruptions;
  • build a supportive family environment and a more positive relationship with their child;
  • encourage positive behaviors; and
  • teach their child the skills needed to get along with others.

Triple P, including the online computer version, is designed to provide step-by-step solutions that are simple and sensible and that can be adapted for a variety of family situations.

To qualify, parents cannot be receiving any other parenting support services and must have regular Internet access and speak, read and understand English.

To learn more and apply, contact UofSC’s Child and Family Program at 803-978-7413 or via email.

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