2016 UofSC back-to-school faculty experts list


Public schools throughout South Carolina will start the year beginning the week of Aug. 15. The University of South Carolina has a number of faculty members who are available to offer their expertise in education stories. To coordinate an interview, contact the staff member listed with each expert entry.  

 Choosing the right childcare; after school program

The new school year oftentimes means a parent must decide on an afterschool program or childcare. Early childhood education professor Meir Muller can offer his expertise on childhood growth and cognitive development.

The College of Education operates the South Carolina Child Care Resource and Referral Network, which works with child care providers throughout the state by providing training, on-site coaching and mentoring. Network director Sherrie Dueno can also discuss the network and the importance of quality childcare.

News contact: John Brunelli, 803-777-3697


School related mental health issues

Starting a new school can be a huge hurdle for some children to overcome. Social work professor Aidyn Iachini is an expert in school social work and mental health delivery systems in school. She can answer questions related to school counseling.

News contact: John Brunelli, 803-777-3697


The importance of physical activity

Gym can either be the best—or the worst class of the day for your child. Physical education professor Collin Webster can speak on the importance of physical activity across the school day and whether your child is getting the most out of physical education class.

News contact: John Brunelli, 803-777-3697


Is your child a vicitm of bullying?

A change in your child’s behavior or personality is one sign that he may be a victim of bullying at school. Educational psychology professor Matt Irvin can offer tips on what parents should look for if they suspect their child is a victim of bullying and what schools are doing to prevent bullies

News contact: John Brunelli, 803-777-3697 


Out of school and hungry!

Afternoon snack time presents challenges for staff of afterschool programs and parents alike. Michael Beets, an associate professor in the exercise science department in USC’s Arnold School of Public Health, can discuss the nutrition and health dangers associated with snacks high in sugar and fat.

News contact: Megan Sexton, 803-777-1421


Spending time in the nurse’s office

Many children suffer from chronic diseases such as allergies, diabetes and asthma, which require them to bring medication to school. Clinical nursing professor Kate Chappell can discuss what parents should do in those cases. She can also address how sick is too sick to go to school and the relationship between proper nutrition and academic performance.

News contact: John Brunelli, 803-777-3697


S.C. schools in dire need of special education teachers
The S.C. Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention and Advancement released a study showing the state is experiencing a shortage of teachers especially in the area of special education. Associate education professor Christine Christle can discuss what the UofSC College of Education is doing to fulfill the need for special education teachers.

News contact: John Brunelli, 803-777-3697


Importance of STEM education

Students well versed in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math can enter into lucrative positions when they enter the workforce. Education professor Ed Dickey says that's STEM students are vital for the economic growth of S.C. Dickey can discuss how the College of Education, S.C. Honors College, the College of Arts and Science and the College of Engineering and Computing are working together to foster STEM education. 

News contact: John Brunelli, 803-777-3697

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