Highly Caffeinated

We are now at the halfway point in the semester and things are starting to get serious. Midterm papers and exams are coming up, homework is a daily occurrence and there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. Luckily, a drink was sent to save us all: coffee.

It helps us to wake up in the morning, can be a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day and keeps us going through those long nights of studying. There are plenty of places on and near campus that cater to college students’ caffeine needs, but here are some of fastest places to get a boost.

Einstein’s Bagels, Humanities Office Building

This Einstein’s Bagels on the north side of campus brings out your coffee with lightening speed. No sooner do students order, in under a minute, they have their drink in hand. Keep in mind that drinks from Einstein’s are usually more flavorful and sweeter than those from the average Starbucks, so be prepared.

Starbucks, Darla Moore School of Business

Business majors are always in a hurry, so it’s no surprise that their Starbucks churns out drinks so fast. Sharing a location with the Global Café, this Starbucks does not have a full menu, but their iced white chocolate mochas will turn your whole day around.

Immaculate Consumption

Located about a five-minute walking distance from the Horseshoe, Immaculate Consumption is a cute, alternative, local coffee shop. Their chai lattes are our personal favorite, but they have an extensive menu with drawings detailing the makeup of each drink. Looking for something more than coffee? They also serve breakfast and lunch every day.

Starbucks, Thomas Cooper Library

Trapped in the library for a night of studying? Are the words starting to blur together in that textbook you’re reading? It might be time to take a quick coffee break. Thankfully, there is a full-menu Starbucks right there that will get delicious coffee out to you in about 10 minutes.

Cool Beans

Right across the street from the Horseshoe, Cool Beans is another homey, local coffee café. They have a lot of specialty and seasonal drinks to try, as well as a regular coffee menu. Both it and the College Grounds Café downstairs serve food and pastries to go with your drink. With its relaxed atmosphere, students could easily spend a whole day getting schoolwork done. But don’t worry, they’ll get your order out within 15 minutes.

Have some time to kill between classes? The new Starbucks on campus is very popular, and for good reason. Not only are their drinks fantastic, but they’re an official Starbucks with a full menu and store. They are also the owners of the Starbucks Bike cruising around campus. The Starbucks in Russell House attached to the bookstore is also a good place to hangout if you need to stay more in the center of campus. Plus, upstairs there is another Einstein’s Bagels if you want a fuller breakfast before that first class.

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