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New degree programs debut in Fall '21

The University of South Carolina is expanding its degree offerings with 13 new programs set to launch this fall that will better prepare students for careers in cybersecurity, education, nursing, business and music among other fields. 

By creating these new offerings, the university is providing students with a differential advantage when seeking employment. UofSC strives to give its students the tools they need to succeed in the workplace and beyond.

“At the University of South Carolina, we are committed to providing our students with an education that prepares them for their next step in life,” says Stephen Cutler, the interim provost and executive vice president for academic affairs at South Carolina. “Through new degree offerings, we are ensuring that the courses and degrees made available to our students match their professional interests, while also meeting the ever-changing demands and opportunities presented by employers.”

In the College of Arts and Sciences, students now have the option to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in language, literature and cultures. In these programs, students study several languages, cultures and texts from around the globe. The college will also offer a Ph.D. in psychology that allows students to choose from four concentrations.

“While they cover a wide and varied range of topics, the new programs in the College of Arts and Sciences share a common thread – a desire to better meet the needs of our students in an evolving world as our students graduate and enter the job marketplace,” College of Arts and Sciences interim dean Joel Samuels says.

As online information and systems security becomes a growing concern, UofSC has added two cyber-related programs. The cyber intelligence program in the College of Arts and Sciences and the cybersecurity management certificate program in the Darla Moore School of Business tackle some of the digital world’s most complex features.

The Darla Moore School of Business is also collaborating with other schools and colleges on campus to create new programs such as the Pharm.D./MBA combination degree with the College of Pharmacy. The School of Music is uniting with the Moore School and the university’s Sport and Entertainment Management program as well to offer a bachelor’s degree in music industry studies.

The Moore School will also begin offering a master’s in business analytics and a strategic innovation certificate program. 

“These three additions to the Moore School’s offerings enable students to dig deeper into the specific issues our business leaders face every day,” Moore School Dean Peter Brews says.

UofSC is also expanding offerings to pave the way for even more exceptional educators. The College of Education will offer master’s degrees in special education and the College of Nursing has added a master’s and a graduate certificate in nursing education.

Bachelor of Arts in Language, Literature and Cultures
The language, literature and cultures program at South Carolina is located within the College of Arts and Sciences. In this bachelor’s program, students will comprehend and communicate in various languages, discuss literary and cultural texts from around the world and study cultural practices that shape social interactions in the students’ target culture. With this program, students can also concentrate in Spanish, German, French and Latin teacher certification.

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Intelligence
The cyber intelligence program at UofSC is located within the College of Arts and Sciences. With this major, students will be prepared for a career defending many online entities with a well-rounded education that champions critical thinking and problem solving. As a cyber intelligence major, students will dive into different aspects of the field, including data analytics, ethics and domestic and global cyber challenges. Some of jobs that will be available to graduates include security analyst, consultant and numerous military careers. 

Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Studies
The music industry studies program at UofSC is located within the School of Music. In this brand-new major, students’ coursework will prepare them with the skills and dispositions needed to take on a career in the $12.8 billion music industry. Students will learn the business of music — including recording skills and marketing — as well as taking classes in music theory, history and performance. This course of study creates well-rounded graduates capable of taking on any aspect of the music industry.

Master of Education in Special Education
The master of education in special education program at UofSC, located in the College of Education, is a 36-credit program that prepares students to become effective teachers for students with disabilities. On their way to graduating, students will build a foundation and understanding in areas important to all special education teachers. Students will have the option to specialize in a certain disability. These specialties include emotional and behavioral disorders, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities and severe and multiple disabilities.

Master of Arts in Language, Literature and Cultures
The language, literature and culture master’s program is also located in the College of Arts and Sciences. Much like the bachelor’s program, students will dive into different cultures, languages and practices. However, students will learn different research methods and will produce their own original research. Students can concentrate in Spanish, French, German and comparative literature to complement their degree.

Master of Arts in Teaching in Special Education
The master’s in teaching in special education program at South Carolina is also located within the College of Education. Similar to the master of education program, this program prepares students to become fruitful teachers for disabled students. The program’s goals focus on preparing students to respect the diverse characteristics and needs of disabled individuals and their families. Graduates will be able to apply for a South Carolina license for K-12 students in their area of specialization.

Master of Science in Business Analytics
The master’s in business analytics in the Darla Moore School of Business is a STEM-designated, 30-credit hour degree program that provides students with the knowledge and abilities to acquire, “crunch” and use large streams of data. Graduates will have an array of occupations to choose from, including business analyst, data analyst and financial analyst.

Graduate Certificate in Strategic Innovation
Another new graduate certificate program in the Darla Moore School of Business is the strategic innovation graduate program. This 12-credit hour program prepares students to successfully navigate ever-changing technology across industries to help companies and organizations remain competitive in their fields. Once they earn their certificate, graduates will have built strategic innovation skills in areas such as analytics, design thinking, stakeholder networks and other sectors. 

Master of Science in Nursing Education
The nursing education master’s program is a 39-credit program giving students the opportunity to learn different teaching strategies that can be used in the classroom, clinical settings and simulation labs. This training alongside interactive online courses provides students with flexible, yet extensive preparation for a nurse educator role. Once finished with the program and required experience, graduates are eligible to sit for the National League of Nursing’s certification for nurse educator exam.  

Ph.D. Psychology
Offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, the psychology Ph.D. program consists of four possible concentrations. Degree requirements vary from 60 to 93 post-baccalaureate credit hours. Students who have earned a master's degree must complete a minimum of 30 post-master’s degree hours.

Pharm.D./MBA combination degree
The UofSC professional MBA program offers a flexible format designed for professionals from all industry backgrounds who are looking to gain the skills and connections needed to distinguish themselves in the marketplace and achieve greater levels of professional success and impact. In combination with the MBA program, the UofSC pharmacy program includes classroom instruction and hands-on learning through introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences. 

Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Management
The cybersecurity management graduate program offered by the Darla Moore School of Business teaches students key terminology, frameworks and management practices. Upon completion of the certificate, graduates can apply their knowledge to small business, multinational corporations, nonprofits and other organizations.

Graduate Certificate Nursing Education
The nursing education certificate program is also in the College of Nursing. This 27-credit hour program is designed to prepare professional nurses to enter education roles and work within colleges, universities and hospital systems. At the conclusion of the program, students will be able to apply theoretical knowledge to their practice, demonstrate professionalism in the clinical setting and pursue quality, effectiveness and innovation in shared leadership of interprofessional health teams.

Ph.D. in Informatics

This program offered by the College of Engineering and Computing educates researchers, teachers and leaders to advance the science of informatics and digital transformation. The multidisciplinary field of informatics combines information technology and computing with business, engineering, and social, behavioral and economic sciences. The program also offers a concentration in health informatics.

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