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Globalizing Your Course

An important component of USC’s mission is to increase students’ knowledge of global connections, issues, and cultural awareness, to be responsible and successful citizens in today’s globally integrated world. This fall, the CTE is collaborating with International Student Services (ISS) and Global Carolina to host numerous events and opportunities in conjunction with International Education Week (IEW), November 13 – 17, 2017. 

Please visit International Education Week for detailed information on campus-wide events, programming, and other opportunities.

Visit Global Carolina for information on how to provide students with the knowledge and cultural awareness to be responsible and successful citizens in today’s globally integrated world

Globalizing Your Course – Success Stories - Faculty Survey

Have you taught a course in the last 5 years that you would describe as a "success story", with respect to incorporating international or intercultural perspectives in learning? The International Education Week Committee, in partnership with Global Carolina and the CTE, is looking for faculty with success stories in globalizing or course internationalization efforts at USC. Share your experience with us for a chance to be a feature story on the Center for Teaching Excellence website and Global Carolina publications and to be a part of resource development for other faculty communities!

Globalizing Your Course Success Stories should include at least two of these four elements:

  1. Content on global trends in the discipline, intercultural issues, variables in terminology/language, national perspectives, etc.
  2. Materials such as texts, case studies, articles, multimedia from international perspectives.
  3. Activities and assignments to introduce students to an international experience: guest lectures, field trips, study abroad, role-plays, student presentations, interviews, projects, etc.
  4. Learning outcomes related to the internationalized content included in the course.

The following materials are requested by the survey:

  1. Course description (prior and current)
  2. Copy of the course syllabus
  3. Description or explanation of course revision and implementation

Access Globalizing Your Course Success Stories - Faculty Survey

Questions? Contact Julie Medlin, Internationalization Programming Coordinator, at

Globalizing Your Course IEW Committee Faculty Mini-Grant

In August 2017, the CTE will be announcing a Request for Proposals on “Globalizing Your Course.” This faculty mini-grant, funded by the Office of the Provost and sponsored by Global Carolina, the IEW Committee and the CTE, will be available for full-time and adjunct faculty to submit proposals to internationalize/globalize an existing course. The goal of the International Education Week Faculty Mini-Grant is to assist faculty in developing and implementing globally themed content into current courses in order to incorporate sustainable, international education into the curriculum. Faculty are encouraged to create disciplinary and cross-disciplinary course modules, activities, projects, and other course materials that implement the globalization of course content using pedagogical best practices. 

Download "Globalizing Your Course" mini-grant RFP and Application

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