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Fraternity and Sorority Life


Room and meal plan costs for each chapter house.

Both the Greek Village Student and Fraternity and Sorority Life Activity fees can be credited back to a student’s account if they are reported inactive by their organization within six weeks after the beginning of the semester. For fees billed for Fall 2023, students' status change must be reported by Friday, October 6, 2023. Please note that this deadline is indicative of when the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life receives the roster update from chapter leadership regarding a student.


Charges Per Semester

Chapter House Room Meal Plan
Alpha Chi Omega $3,677 (double room) $1,504 (in-house)
$950 (out-of-house)
Alpha Delta Pi $3,000 (double room) $2,175 (in-house or out-of-house)
Alpha Xi Delta $3,125 (double room) $1,850 (in-house)
$1,750 (out-of-house)
Beta Theta Pi $3,300 (double room) $2,100 (in-house or out-of-house)
Chi Omega $2,700 (double room) $1,775 (in-house)
$1,585 (out-of-house)
Chi Psi $3,350 (double room) $2,295 (in-house or out-of-house)
Delta Delta Delta $3,475 (double room) $1,800 (in-house)
$1,880 (out-of-house)
Delta Zeta $3,490 (double room) $1,915 (in-house)
$1,525 (out-of-house)
Gamma Phi Beta $3,250 (double room) $1,690 (in-house or out-of-house)
Kappa Alpha Order $3,000 (double room) $1,850 (in-house or out-of-house)
Kappa Delta $2,515 (double room) $1,352 (in-house)
$1,579 (out-of-house)
Kappa Kappa Gamma $2,685 (double room) $1,585 (in-house)
$1,450 (out-of-house)
Kappa Sigma $3,000 (double room)
$6,000 (single room)
$2,300 (in-house)
$2,100 (out-of-house)
Phi Mu $2,888 (double room) $1,500 (in-house or out-of-house)
Pi Kappa Phi $4,750 (fall double room)
$3,750 (spring double room)
$1,950 (in-house or out-of-house)
Sigma Alpha Epsilon $3,000 (double room)
$5,000 (single room)
$1,800 (in-house)
$1,650 (out-of-house)
Sigma Nu $2,600 (double room) $2,000 (in-house or out-of-house)
Zeta Tau Alpha $3,858 (double room) $1,766 (in-house)
$1,495 (out-of-house)

Rates are subject to change without notice. Students will be charged the current rate at the time of billing. Some organizations have alternate rates for certain circumstances. All requests for a different charge should be submitted through VIP.

Chapters with houses have a meal plan for members starting the semester after a student joins the organization, and lasting the duration of a student’s college career.

For other questions, check out the Housing FAQs.

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