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Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Staff Alejo, Claudio J. Residence Life Coordinator South Quad 8037778126
Staff Aleksiejczyk, Kassandra Residence Life Coordinator, Bates West 8037773634 Residence Life
Staff Amormino, Ana Marie Lasich Interior Designer 803-777-3467 Construction and Renovations
Staff Anderson, Brian Data Analyst 803-777-7879 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Ballington, Lynette Work Control Staff 803-777-0406 Facilities Operations
Staff Barnes, April Executive Director 8037774283 University Housing
Staff Bernath, Susan Residence Life Coordinator, Horseshoe 8037779565 Residence Life
Staff Best, Philis Coordinator of Human Resources 803-777-4961 Business Operations
Staff Bolser, Lauren Interior Designer 803-777-3467 Construction and Renovations Housing
Staff Borawski, Randy Interim Director of Technology Services 803-777-5509 Technology Services
Staff Brailsford, Shyla Administrative Assistant, South Campus 803-777-3157 Residence Life
Staff Brandt, Casey Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Cliff Apartments 8037774572 Residence Life
Staff Brown, Susan Assistant Director, Work Control 803-777-4287 Facilities Operations
Staff Bruner, Holly Honors Area Coordinator 803-576-5707 Residence Life
Staff Burden, Jackie Coordinator of Undergraduate Assignments 803-777-4283 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Caretnic-Pipa, Andrei Applications Analyst 803-777-6160 Technology Services
Staff Chase, Emilio G. Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Patterson 803-777-4757
Staff Clayton, Robert Custodial Manager 803-777-3640 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Colascione, Daniel Assistant Director, North Campus 803-777-0625 Residence Life
Staff Colley, Alli Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Women's Quad 803-777-6371 Residence Life
Staff Conde, Tiffany Assistant Director of Residential Leadership 803-777-7485 Residence Life
Staff Corbett, Sarah Manager, Conferences and Events 803-777-5419 The Conference Center at South Carolina
Staff Cunningham, Haley Communications and New Media Coordinator 803-777-4810 Communications & Creative Solutions
Staff Davis, Marcus Evening Services Officer 803-777-7585 Facilities Operations
Staff DeBarbieris, Gay Associate Director of Administrative Operations 803-777-4283 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff DuPre, Paul Communications & Experience Operations Coordinator 803-576-7332 Communications Marketing
Staff Dunlap, Cody Residence Life Coordinator, McBryde 803-777-1248 Residence Life
Staff Ellisor, Dean Mechanical Systems Supervisor 803-777-1193 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Fink, Kelley Assistant Director 803-777-1281 Business Operations
Staff Fortune, Joseph Director of Housing Administration 803-777-4283 Undergraduate Assignments, Communications, Conference Center, Marketing and SPURS
Staff Gleaton, Joanne Custodial Manager 803-777-8337 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Grabski, Debbie Administrative Assistant, Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Housing & Well Being 803-777-4129 Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Housing & Well Being
Staff Grant, Kara Key Administrator 803-777-3467 Housing Facilities
Staff Greenhalgh, George Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Bates House 803-777-0094 Residence Life
Staff Gunn, Jasmine Coordinator for Residential Curricular Initiatives 8037770193 Residence Life
Staff Hall, Faye Custodial Manager 803-777-2202 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Harkness, Larry Assistant Director, Building Trades 803-777-4668 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Herlong, Royce Zone Supervisor, Central Zone 803-777-0248 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Hinton, Brandon Residence Life Coordinator, South Tower 803-777-4855 Residence Life
Staff Holt, Leena Assistant Director, South Campus 803-777-3157 Residence Life
Staff Howell, Rod Director of Facility Operations 803-777-6320 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Hudson, Scott Interim Assistant Director of Maintenance Services 803-777-1772 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Jackson, Christina Director, Residence Life 803-777-4129 Residence Life
Staff Jarvi, Josh Residence Life Coordinator, East Quad 803-777-4344 Residence Life
Staff Jefferson, James Special Projects, GA 8037773276 Residence Life
Staff Johnson, Frances Custodial Manager 803-576-6146 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Kareores, Catherine Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Green Quad 8035767362 Residence Life Housing
Staff Keith, Angie Purchasing Manager 803-777-7491 Business Operations
Staff Kennedy, Kirsten, Ph.D. Associate Vice President for Student Housing & Well Being 803-777-4283 Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Housing & Well Being
Staff Kerbel, Ashley Patterson Area Coordinator 803-777-4423 Residence Life
Staff Ketcham, Jerry Supervisor, Paint Shop 803-777-7639 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Keyes, Glenn Assistant Director of Custodial Services 803-576-7269 University Housing
Staff Kirby, Jarod Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Columbia Hall 8037770186 Residence Life
Staff Kumar, Ashik Database Programmer, Analyst 803-777-2575 Technology Services
Staff Lambert, Lynn M Executive Assistant 803-777-4129 University Housing
Staff Leake, Parker Director, Business Operations 803-777-5705 Business Operations
Staff Lewandowski, Samantha Daughtry Assistant Director of Residence Life 803-777-2481 Residence Life
Staff Lichterman, Hilary, Ph.D. Associate Director of Residence Life 803-777-5412 Residence Life
Staff Lindenberg, Matt Assistant Director, Residential Learning Initiatives 803-777-6343 Residence Life
Staff Lindsey, Val Facilities Operation Coordinator 803-777-6442 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Long, Preston Residence Life GA 803-576-7333 Residence Life
Staff Lopez, Sammy Art Production Coordinator 803-777-5289 Communications & Creative Solutions
Staff Lutz, Matt Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Park Place 803-939-6712 Residence Life Housing
Staff Martinez, Kevin Residence Life Coordinator, Maxcy 803-777-7583 Residence Life
Staff May, Chad Living and Learning Community Operations 803-777-4283 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff McGee, Brett Access Control Manager 803-777-6619 Housing Information Technology Systems
Staff McGinnis, Taia Assistant Director of Conferences & Events 803-576-6869 The Conference Center at South Carolina
Staff McManus, Briana Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Capstone 803-777-9904 Residence Life Housing
Staff Miller, Stephanie Business Manager 803-777-4748 Business Operations
Staff Morales, Elena Administrative Assistant, North Campus 803-777-2619 Residence Life
Staff Nunez, Daniel Chavez Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Honors 803-576-5713 Residence Life Housing
Staff Prescott, Austin Video Production Coordinator 803-260-4736 Communications & Creative Solutions
Staff Racine, Brenda Administrative Assistant 803-777-7806 Technology Services
Staff Radcliffe, Ryan Zone Supervisor, North Zone 803-777-0607 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Rice, Logan Assistant Director of Communications & Experience Operations Communications Marketing
Staff Ridgeway, Meghan Administrative Assistant, Administration 803-777-8188 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Rivera, Barbie Assistant Director, Facilities Operations (Custodial Services) 803-777-0813 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Scott, Sy Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Younion 803-777-1985
Staff Senatore, Adrienne Administrative Specialist 803-777-6862 Facilities Operations
Staff Sherry, James Director 803-777-3467 Construction and Renovations
Staff Smith, Erin Residence Life Coordinator, Park Place 803-939-6712 Residence Life
Staff Steele, Cynthia Special Assistant to the Director of Administration 803-777-4283 Undergraduate Assignments, Housing
Staff Sturm, Catherine, Ph.D. Director 803-777-6708 Assessment
Staff Swearingen, Lynn Custodial Manager 803-777-0378 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Thomson, Eddie Assistant Director of Room Assignments 803-777-4283 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Varn, Mitch Network Manager 803-777-7782 Technology Services
Staff Wearn, Chris Interim Manager of Zone Supervisors 803-777-1772 Facilities
Staff Weeks, DeLois Coordinator of Undergraduate Assignments - Special Projects 803-777-4283 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Wieringa, Lexi Residence Life Coordinator, Preston 803-777-1588 Residence Life Housing
Staff Wilder, Tasia Communications & Experience Operations GA 803-576-8481 Communications Marketing
Staff Williams, Amanda Green Quad Area Coordinator 803-777-1985 Residence Life
Staff Wilson, Mark Assistant Director, Warehouse Supervisor 803-777-5600 Facilities Operations
Staff Wise, Josh Director Communications Marketing 803-777-5355 Marketing & Creative Assets, The Conference Center at the University of South Carolina, Communications & Experience Operations

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