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Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Staff Alfieri, Nick Coordinator of Undergraduate Assignments 803-777-5704 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Amormino, Ana Marie Lasich Interior Designer 803-777-3467 Construction and Renovations
Staff Anderson, Brian Data Analyst 803-777-7879 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Andrews, Catherine Residence Life Coordinator, Women's Quad 803-777-1237 Residence Life
Staff Ballington, Lynnette Work Control Staff 803-777-0406 Facilities Operations
Staff Benton, Johnny Assistant Director, Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services) 803-777-1192 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Best, Philis Coordinator of Human Resources 803-777-4961 Business Operations
Staff Blackwell, Tammy Administrative Specialist 803-576-6185 Facilities Operations
Staff Borawski, Randy Director, Technology Services 803-777-5509 Technology Services
Staff Bouchard, Alyson Residential Curricular Initiatives, GA 803-777-3276 Residence Life
Staff Boyd, Taylor Residence Life Coordinator, McBryde 803-777-1248 Residence Life
Staff Brown, David Custodial Manager 803-777-0128 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Brown, Susan Assistant Director, Work Control 803-777-4287 Facilities Operations
Staff Brown, Syntina Residence Life Coordinator, South Tower 803-777-4855 Residence Life
Staff Bruner, Holly Residence Life Coordinator, Maxcy 803-777-7583 Residence Life
Staff Burden, Jackie Coordinator of Undergraduate Assignments 803-777-4285 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Bussell, Kate Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Women's Quad 803-777-6371 Residence Life
Staff Caretnic-Pipa, Andrei Applications Analyst 803-777-6160 Technology Services
Staff Clayton, Robert Custodial Manager 803-777-3640 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Colascione, Daniel Assistant Director, North Campus 803-777-0625 Residence Life
Staff Conde, Tiffany Assistant Director of Residential Leadership 803-777-7485 Residence Life
Staff Corbett, Sarah Coordinator, Conferences and Events 803-777-5419 Capstone Conference Center
Staff Cunningham, Haley Communications and New Media Coordinator 803-777-4810 Marketing and Communications
Staff Davis, Marcus Evening Services Officer 803-777-7585 Facilities Operations
Staff DeBarbieris, Gay Associate Director of Administrative Operations 803-777-4283 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Ellis, Keith Director, Residence Life 803-777-2481 Residence Life
Staff Ellisor, Dean Supervisor, Plumbing Shop 803-777-1193 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Evans, Brianté Administrative Assistant, South Campus 803-777-3157 Residence Life
Staff Feaster, Sherrigan Assistant Director, Central Campus 803-777-2729 Residence Life
Staff Fenrich, Kaidi Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Honors 803-576-5710 Residence Life
Staff Finch, Joshua Residence Life Coordinator, East Quad 803-777-4344 Residence Life
Staff Fink, Kelley Assistant Director 803-777-1281 Business Operations
Staff Finnie, Justin Evening Services Officer 803-777-8596 Facilities Operations
Staff Fortune, Joseph Director of Housing Administration 803-777-4283 Capstone Conference Center, Marketing and Communications, Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Foster, Jayne Administrative Assistant, Human Resources 803-777-6010 Business Operations
Staff Fowler, Thomas Design and Digital Media Coordinator 803-777-5289 Marketing and Communications
Staff Frederick, Miranda Administrative Assistant, Residence Life 803-777-2481 Residence Life
Staff Garris, Fran Key Administrator 803-777-9889 Facilities Operations
Staff Gerhart, Sara Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Capstone 803-777-9904 Residence Life
Staff Gibson, Claire Interior Designer 803-777-9169 Construction and Renovations
Staff Gleaton, Joanne Custodial Manager 803-777-8337 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Grabski, Debbie Administrative Assistant, Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Housing & Well Being 803-777-4129 Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Housing & Well Being
Staff Grant, Kara Interior Designer 803-777-3467 Construction and Renovations
Staff Hall, Faye Custodial Manager 803-777-2202 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Hantman, Anne-Marie Area Coordinator, Honors Residence and Horseshoe 803-777-9565 Residence Life
Staff Harkness, Larry Assistant Director, Building Trades 803-777-4668 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Hartfield, Jake Area Coordinator, Capstone and Columbia Hall 803-777-6337 Residence Life
Staff Herlong, Royce Zone Supervisor, Central Zone 803-777-0248 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Hinton, Brandon Residence Life Coordinator, Bates House 803-777-4814 Residence Life
Staff Holt, Leena Assistant Director, South Campus 803-777-3157 Residence Life
Staff Howell, Rod Associate Director, Facilities Operations (Custodial Services) 803-777-6320 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Hudson, Scott Manager of Zone Supervisors 803-777-1772 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Hunt, Laura Anne Coordinator of Sustainability 803-777-6331 Facilities Operations
Staff Johnson, Frances Custodial Manager 803-576-6146 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Keith, Angie Purchasing Manager 803-777-7491 Business Operations
Staff Kennedy, Kirsten, Ph.D. Associate Vice President for Student Housing & Well Being 803-777-4283 Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Housing & Well Being
Staff Kerbel, Ashley Residence Life Coordinator, Columbia Hall 803-777-7483 Residence Life
Staff Ketcham, Gerald Supervisor, Paint Shop 803-777-7639 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Kniffen, Jordan Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Cliff Apartments 803-777-4572 Residence Life
Staff Kumar, Ashik Database Programmer, Analyst 803-777-2575 Technology Services
Staff Leake, Parker Director, Business Operations 803-777-5705 Business Operations
Staff Lewandowski, Samantha Daughtry Area Coordinator, Patterson Hall and Women's Quad 803-777-1237 Residence Life
Staff Lichterman, Hilary, Ph.D. Associate Director of Residence Life 803-777-5412 Residence Life
Staff Lindenberg, Matt Assistant Director, Residential Learning Initiatives 803-777-6343 Residence Life
Staff Lindsey, Val Administrative Assistant 803-777-6442 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Lloyd, Ryan Area Coordinator, Preston, South Tower, and McBryde 803-777-1588 Residence Life
Staff Martinez, Kevin Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Patterson 803-777-4757 Residence Life
Staff May, Jewel Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Special Projects & Aspyre 803-234-5190 Residence Life
Staff McClellan, James Residence Life Coordinator, Honors Residence 803-576-5707 Residence Life
Staff Mears, Chris Coordinator of Undergraduate Assignments 803-777-0643 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Middleton, Conelious Electrical and Controls Manager 803-777-9932 Facilities Operations
Staff Miller, Stephanie Business Manager 803-777-4748 Business Operations
Staff Miller, Taylor Administrative Assistant, Administration 803-777-8216 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Morales, Elena Administrative Assistant, North Campus 803-777-2619 Residence Life
Staff Perkins, Terry Director, Facilities Operations 803-777-4212 Facilities Operations, Facilities Operations (Custodial Services), Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Racine, Brenda Administrative Assistant 803-777-7806 Technology Services
Staff Radcliffe, Ryan Zone Supervisor, North Zone 803-777-0607 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Reinhardt, Sara Assessment Coordinator 803-777-6589 Assessment
Staff Rivera, Barbie Assistant Director, Facilities Operations (Custodial Services) 803-777-0813 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Rogers, Shaundra Administrative Assistant 803-777-3467 Construction and Renovations
Staff Romeo, Reginald Zone Supervisor, West Zone 803-777-4604 Facilities Operations (Maintenance Services)
Staff Sarcka, Jared Interim Residence Life Coordinator, South Quad 803-777-0295 Residence Life
Staff Senatore, Adrienne Administrative Specialist 803-777-6862 Facilities Operations
Staff Sherry, James Director 803-777-3467 Construction and Renovations
Staff Skidmore, Jason Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Park Place 803-939-6712 Residence Life
Staff Smalls, Lesley Work Control Supervisor 803-777-2528 Facilities Operations
Staff Smith, Erin Residence Life Coordinator, Park Place 803-939-6712 Residence Life
Staff Stanley, Tim Assistant Director, Safety 803-777-8695 Facilities Operations
Staff Steele, Cynthia Special Assistant to the Director of Administration 803-777-4283 Undergraduate Assignments, Housing
Staff Sturm, Catherine, Ph.D. Director 803-777-6708 Assessment
Staff Summer, AJ Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Columbia Hall 803-777-0186 Residence Life
Staff Swearingen, Lynn Custodial Manager 803-777-0378 Facilities Operations (Custodial Services)
Staff Thomson, Eddie Assistant Director of Room Assignments 803-777-4283 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Varn, Mitch Network Manager 803-777-7782 Technology Services
Staff Wade, Cassidy Residential Learning Initiatives, GA 803-777-0193 Residence Life
Staff Weeks, DeLois Coordinator of Undergraduate Assignments 803-777-1294 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Williams, Amanda Area Coordinator, Green Quad and South Quad 803-777-1985 Residence Life
Staff Williams, Jakqulyn Adminstrative Assistant, Central Campus 803-777-2729 Residence Life
Staff Wilson, Mark Assistant Director, Warehouse Supervisor 803-777-5600 Facilities Operations
Staff Wise, Josh Associate Director of Marketing & Conferences 803-777-5355 The Conference Center at the University of South Carolina, Marketing and Communications
Staff Wolfe, Jane Coordinator of Undergraduate Assignments & Visiting Faculty 803-777-5252 Undergraduate Assignments
Staff Word, Nigel Residence Life Coordinator, Bates West 803-777-3634 Residence Life
Staff Young, Tyra Residential Leadership Initiatives, GA 803-777-0193 Residence Life
Staff Zheng, Mimi Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Bates House 803-777-0094 Residence Life