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Room Change Process

There are very limited spaces for room changes year-to-year.  Room change requests will be handled on a first-come, first serve basis. 

Fall 2021 

Room change requests will be accepted between September 15 and October 31.  Room changes will not be considered for the Greek Village or 650 Lincoln.

Step 1 - Resolve Before Your Request

Residents should speak with their Resident Mentor (RM) prior to requesting any room changes from the Office of Assignments and Student Services.  A mediated roommate conversation will be facilitated by the RM to review the roommate agreement, concerns and develop mutually agreed upon expectations moving forward. A timeline will be set by the RM and roommates to allow roommates to adjust to and implement expectations agreed upon in the mediation.  Once this timeline has lapsed, there is not a change in behavior or expectations, roommates can request to meet with their Residence Life Coordinator, who will make a recommendation on your room change request to the Assistant Director of Assignments and Student Services. If your request is approved, you will be contacted by a member of the Assignments and Student Services staff in the University Housing to discuss room change options.

Please note that a mediated conversation will be required in advance of approving a room change request.

Step 2 - Apply For A Change

Room changes can be requested by completing the Room Change Request form. This form allows a student to make a request to be moved from their current assignment to a vacant space elsewhere. There are no student moves allowed during the first four weeks of the semester. This allows University Housing ample time to confirm occupancy in all of our spaces and identify where vacancies exist for room changes to occur.  After a room change request is received, the Assistant Director of Assignments and Student Services will communicate with the appropriate Residence Life Coordinator within the areas where a change will take place. No request is guaranteed and is only approved after an official confirmation email is received by the student from the Office of Assignments and Students Services.

Room Change Request Form

Go to and click “My Housing Portal.”  Choose Columbia Campus and duo authenticate.  Then go to the “Forms” tab to find the Room Change Request Form.

Step 3 - Direct Swap of Rooms

Students may directly swap rooms with each other, as long as both parties agree and meet the requirements to live within the specific area they are wanting to move into. As with a room change request, you can access the room change form.   Both students requesting to SWAP must complete the Room Change Request form.  Once a request for a room swap is received, the Office of Assignments and Student Services will confirm that both students are eligible to live in the requested area.  Students in a Learning Community may not be able to SWAP out of that community, as living in that community may be tied to their academic program.

All persons involved with the room change must come in together. However, one student may act for another if the assignment coordinator has an email confirmation from absent parties through their USC email.

Step 4 - Notify Current Roommate

Students changing to another room are encouraged to notify their present roommate of their intent to do so, however this is up to the discretion of the student. This courtesy will give them the opportunity to locate a preferred roommate. 

STOP - Unapproved Changes

Students who transfer rooms without approval of the Assignments and Student Services Office may be required to move back to their original rooms, and a $75.00 fine, in addition to an administrative charge and/or disciplinary action, will occur.


All outstanding university bills must be paid BEFORE a room change can be processed. Students will need to contact the Bursars Office if there is the bill has not been fully paid.

Moving into a Faculty-Led community will be charged the Supplemental Education Fee of $150.

Students who move into a higher priced room or residence hall will need to pay any increase in the cost of the room. This will be reflected upon the student’s University Bill once it is processed.

Students who move into a lower priced room or residence hall will be refunded through their University Billing.

Students can call the main housing office to speak with an Assignments Coordinator at (803) 777-4283.

COVID-19 Protocals:

While in the past we have been able to offer a bit more flexibility with the room change process, in light of COVID-19, we have amended this process to work to promote the health and safety of all residents. Room change requests for the Fall 2021 semester will be accepted beginning September 15.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, room changes will only be considered on a limited basis and prioritized based on the reasons listed below:


  • Disability Resource Office (DRO) approved medical needs that are not being met in your current assignment.
  • Major facility issues that cannot be resolved within 48 hours
  • Person for person changes when all individuals involved agree to the change.
  • Other safety concerns


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