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School of Visual Art and Design

New Article on Nam June Paik by Assistant Professor Byeongwon Ha published in Leonardo Music Journal

December 2019  

Professor Byeongwon Ha's article, "Nam June Paik’s Unpublished Korean Article and His Interactive Musique Concrète Projects," was published this month in Leonardo Music Journal. 

Nam June Paik was a pioneering creator of interactive sound art before he became a cult figure in the field of video art. While Paik gradually developed interactive sound art in West Germany, he wrote several articles about contemporary music in Europe. Specifically, a musique concrète article for Korean readers is significant as a seed of his interactive projects. This study examines the content of the music article and articulates the relationship between musique concrète and Paik’s interactive sound projects: Record Shashlik (1963) and Random Access (1963).

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