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School of Visual Art and Design

Rebecca Boyd awarded the Ada B. Thomas Outstanding Advisor Award for the 2018-2019 year

Congratulations to Rebecca Boyd for receiving the Ada B. Thomas Outstanding Advisor Award at the University of South Carolina for the 2018-2019 academic year! Rebecca will be honored at the spring Faculty Awards Ceremony for her distinction and excellence in student advising at the University of South Carolina.

Rebecca is SVAD's Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator who advises around 300 students in the School of Visual Art and Design. She is also a Media Arts Instructor who has taught documentary film, short film, media management and distribution, and media writing. Rebecca plays a huge role in SVAD’s day-to-day functioning, and we asked a few students to describe their experiences in working with her. Beyond being helpful and knowledgeable in all areas of academic requirements, policies, and procedures, she goes out of her way to accommodate and assist the second, third, and fourth year students here at the School of Visual Art and Design.

Ben Buttles, a senior Media Arts student graduating next month, says that, “Rebecca’s impact on her students reaches far beyond her academic roles. Through her kindness, wisdom, and encouraging spirit, Rebecca has helped me find my best fit academically and refine my career vision. She has inspired me to confidently pursue my passion, both before and after graduation." Ben completed several multimedia production internships under Rebecca’s guidance.

A Media Arts graduate student, Chandler Yonkers, has had Rebecca Boyd as both an instructor and an advisor before he began his Master’s degree at the School of Visual Art and Design. Chandler says that getting to transition from having Rebecca “save his college career on a regular basis,” to having her as a colleague and friend, is one of his favorite things about his experience at the University of South Carolina. He doesn’t believe that there is an advisor who deserves the Ada B. Thomas Outstanding Advisor Award more than Rebecca. 

Lastly, Kelsey Garcia, a sophomore at the School of Visual Art and Design, says that she has loved having Rebecca as her advisor for the past year, and even more so in the classroom for documentary production and media management. Kelsey says that she has never encountered an advisor or faculty member that cares so much about her individual students as much as Rebecca. “It is always a pleasure to be around her, and I can’t imagine anyone more deserving for this award,” affirms Kelsey. 

As we wrap up the end of the 2018-2019 school year, we wish to acknowledge how phenomenal it is to have Rebecca Boyd be a part of our team as an advisor who excels at her work at the School of Visual art and Design. Congratulations, Rebecca!

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