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School of Visual Art and Design

  • Banner image with Professor Chametzky giving a lecture. There is a garnet background on the left side with text that reads "Dr. Peter Chametzky 2024 Russell Research Award Winner - Humanities and Social Sciences"

Peter Chametzky honored with USC's top research award

Dr. Peter Chametzky, a professor of art history in the School of Visual Art and Design, has been honored with the prestigious Russell Research Award for Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of South Carolina.

The Russell Research Awards, established by Judge Donald S. Russell in 1957, are among the most esteemed accolades for research and scholarship at Carolina. These awards recognize faculty members who demonstrate outstanding contributions to innovative research or creative achievement in various forms such as books, articles, productions, exhibits, compositions, arrangements, or related presentations.

Dr. Chametzky is one of the world's leading scholars of 20th- and 21st-century German art, focusing on contemporary German art through the lens of an increasingly diverse German society and 21st-century German art from a multinational perspective. Dr. Chametzky has been invited to speak nationally and internationally at various institutions, and his book Turks, Jews, and Other Germans in Contemporary Art was recently published by MIT Press. It is the first book to approach the study of art in Germany today from a multicultural perspective. His works are groundbreaking in his field and have firmly established him as an influential figure in German art history.

The Russell Research Award is a testament to Dr. Chametzky's dedication and impactful contributions to the humanities. This esteemed recognition also underscores the University of South Carolina's commitment to supporting faculty members who continually advance knowledge and enrich the academic community through transformative research and scholarship.

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