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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Donna Chen Recognized

Dr. Donna Chen is a Professor in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department in the College of Arts & Sciences. Dr. Chen’s research is in the area of materials physical chemistry, and her work focuses on understanding surface chemistry at the atomic and molecular level. Dr. Chen is among the top scientists in the field of surface science, and her research program involves understanding chemical reactions on catalytically active surfaces at the atomic and molecular scale. Her key contributions to the undergraduate chemistry program have been in the development of problem-solving and active-learning approaches for teaching physical chemistry. Additionally, she has almost single-handedly led the effort to create a new set of courses for chemistry majors so that classes for majors and non-majors can be separated and tailored to the needs of each group of students. Due to her efforts, we now have major courses for almost all of the required 100-300 level courses in chemistry.

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