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South Carolina Honors College

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Honors College offers Semester at the Coast for students

The University of South Carolina Honors College will host a “Semester at the Coast” program for the first time in the Spring 2022 semester when 10 students with interests in science, the environment and health will be studying at the Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences.

The Baruch Institute offers a unique setting for students to study along South Carolina’s coast and engage in interactive experiences outside the typical classroom setting in places including historical sites, cultural events and nature reserves.

“We’re uniquely situated on about 16,000 undeveloped acres on the coast, which is increasingly rare,” said Dr. Bill Strosnider, director of the Baruch Institute and co-director for the Semester at the Coast program.

During the semester at the Brauch Institute, students will take four required courses taught by faculty from UofSC and Clemson University, while participating in hands-on activities, including collecting data on a boat, seining to collect and identify fish and attending field trips along different areas of South Carolina’s coast. Students will also have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on undergraduate research.  As part of the educational enrichment component of this experience, students will learn about local culture, including music and food, and learn to cook coastal cuisine.

“This experience is ideal for students who want to participate in hands-on research and scientific study while living and working on the coast of South Carolina — a true immersive experience where students will learn about coastal culture while working alongside top marine and coastal science researchers,” said Honors College study away coordinator Kevin Metcalf.

The Semester at the Coast program will fulfill the Honors College Beyond the Classroom requirement, which encourages students to get experience outside of the typical classroom environment. Additionally, there will be two Honors lab sciences, as well as an Honors Social/Behavioral Science course and an Honors Humanities or History of Civilization course.

The program has been opened to non-Honors students as well. Any student is eligible providing they have a 3.5 UofSC GPA or higher and have completed the program’s prerequisites: Biology 102 and Chemistry 112 or the AP/IB equivalents.

Students will arrive Jan. 9 and depart April 23.

To reserve a spot, students must submit a $500 deposit by Oct. 15, 2021. A scholarship on the Honors College website is available to help pay for the program for students who have submitted their deposit.

Gillian Thomas

Gillian Thomas

Gillian Thomas is a sophomore from Mount Pleasant, SC. She is a South Carolina Honors College student majoring in visual communications. Gillian became interested in communications while growing up on the Internet, where she would see online media and its impact firsthand. In her free time, she enjoys reading, photography, embroidery, and just about anything crafty!


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