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'Be the catalyst for change': USC student Antonia Adams finds purpose in tragedy

Honors College student Antonia Adams lost both of her parents within months of each other. She managed her parents' estate and her own grief. Now she is planning to go to law school to "help people overcome their circumstances."

How growing up in Aynor prepared one of the nation’s top reporters to cover Trump

Honors alumnus Josh Dawsey excels as one of the top reporters on Capitol Hill. Read more about him in this story from The Post and Courier.

UofSC's 2021 Social Justice Award winners chosen

SCHC Pearce Faculty Fellow Dr. Toby Jenkins honored for her social justice work and advocacy for diversity in higher education.

After tragedy, student finds new beginning at UofSC Honors College

Antonia Adams’ story is filled with tragedy. But above all, it is a story of perseverance, about fighting through the uncertainty and sadness with a belief that education can restore confidence and hope.

Honors College welcomes activist poet to Horseshoe

Many scholars and luminaries have spoken on the University of South Carolina’s historic Horseshoe. Earlier this fall, activist poet Horace Mungin joined the list of distinguished guests.

University 101 instructors find connection through teaching

Instructors find that teaching University 101 helps them to network with colleagues across UofSC, build stronger connections with the university and impact students beyond their primary roles.

Public health graduate heads to medical school to empower others to take control of their health

Matthew Telfer chose to attend UofSC after he was admitted into the Honors College and offered an Academic-Scholar Elite award. He decided to study public health to better understand the preventive side of medicine.

Internships unearth career opportunities for Honors anthropology student

Sarah Snare has always known that she wanted to work in forensic anthropology, and as she approaches her graduation this December, she is more than equipped to secure the career of her dreams.

Music grad ready to inspire the next generation of vocalists

Catherine Howland will earn her Bachelor of Music degree summa cum laude in December. The Honors College grad will start her career as a choir teacher at a South Carolina middle school in January.

Campus Conversations: Kailey Houck

Kailey Houck, an Honors College philosophy major, discusses "The Lettuce Club" — a quirky, low-commitment club at UofSC.

Dean's Letter: Fall 2020

Stones, spoons and another thing: A letter from Steven Lynn, dean of the South Carolina Honor's College.

Alumni News - Fall 2020

See what our Honors College alumni have been doing lately.

Honors College alumnus helps spur changes in city of Columbia

In the maelstrom of 2020, here stands Taylor Wright, ’19 public health. Working in Columbia as Mayor Benjamin’s special assistant has brought exciting opportunities and up-close encounters with all kinds of people. And situations.

Honors College alumna re-creates tragedy in debut novel

A secret can be a bothersome thing. For Rachel Moyle Beanland, ’03 public relations and art history, an old family secret nagged at her until she finally wrestled it down in a novel.

Remembering Peter Sederberg: A legend, a legacy and a love for the Honors College

If there was one thing Peter Sederberg wasn't, it was disengaged. No, the cofounding dean of the South Carolina Honors College was always into something -- and generally it was many things, from movies and music to politics and religion.

First-generation alumnus returns to UofSC to pursue history Ph.D.

Trey Capps, a first-generation college student from the small town of Aynor, South Carolina, has returned to his alma mater to pursue his doctorate in history.

Voices from the edge

Honors College student Jack Gabel helps launch a student podcast which highlights lives of refugees here and abroad.

'Pandemics in Literature' class shines light on history

UofSC students are exploring stories written about pandemics, ranging from medieval to futuristic, despondent to hopeful. They've found that 2020 isn't so different from similar moments throughout history, and there are some lessons to learn.

In the spotlight: Dr. Kelly Goldberg, Interactive Labs

Teaching a lab course in the time of COVID-19? Using delicate artifacts that can’t be cleaned or shared among students? Creating an innovative way to maintain the interactive lab experience, outside the laboratory? Dr. Kelly Goldberg is finding unique solutions to these challenges through her development of online 3D labs.

Young writers tackle tough subjects in new South Carolina anthology

The South Carolina Honors College has released "Writing South Carolina: Selections of the 5th Annual High School Writing Contes," which features the writings of 40 students who cover topics of racism, domestic violence, poverty and inequities in education.

Campus Conversation: Antonia Adams

A junior business economics major, Antonia Adams is passionate about encouraging civic advocacy and involvement with social justice issues, as well as working as a Gamecock Guide.

Our next 'Greatest Generation'

Honors alum Charles Hood has written a series of books honoring the heroism and highlighting the uniquely dangerous circumstances of the men and women serving their country as submariners throughout our nation's history.

Podcasting in the Public's Interest

Dr. Laura Smith's Podcasting in the Public Interest service-learning course creates opportunities for Honors students to study and critically reflect on public issues while learning how to interview, design and publish podcasts that can help raise awareness.

Q&A with author Rachel Beanland

UofSC alumna makes waves with first novel, 'Florence Adler Swims Forever'

Remembering Peter Sederberg

Like the Honors students he taught and mentored in the college he co-founded, Peter Sederberg was multi-faceted and exceptionally talented. Champion for peace, organizer of protests, excellent cook, and star pitcher for his department's softball team, Peter Carl Sederberg also was a relentlessly curious scholar, professor, traveler, reader, and writer. He died July 31 in Atlanta of complications from Alzheimer's disease.


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