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South Carolina Honors College

Experimental Music

Taught by: Greg Stuart

“This class really challenges our students to think about music and understand contemporary music,” said Ed Munn-Sanchez, SCHC associate dean. “We have a huge number of musicians in the Honors College, but very few will make careers in it. Greg’s course gives them an opportunity to work as real musicians in a sophisticated way. Experiences like this keep them engaged with music after they enter their professions.”

Course Objectives

Experimental Music is designed for students who wish to broaden their musical experiences through the performance, composition and discussion of music from the experimental tradition. You will explore a wide range of experimental music, focusing principally on text, graphic and various other extended notations, and create strategies for both realizing and composing scores.

All levels of musical ability are welcome — the ability to read conventional musical notation is not a requirement for the workgroup. The final four class sessions consist of informal readings of student works, and sometimes a performance or tour. It might even be reviewed by the New York Times

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.