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OPE 3.00 - Recital Scheduling/Cancellations

Revised: August 1, 2015

1. Information for Students

  1. Fee Payment - To initiate the recital-scheduling process, the student should pay the appropriate recital, accompanyng and recording fees on the USC Touchnet online store. After the fees have been paid, students will meet with the faculty member who is supervising the recital to determine possible recital dates and times (see 2. below). Requests for recital reservations should be made to Laveta Gibson in person or by email. Student recitals must be officially scheduled one semester in advance of the performance date. For example, a Spring semester recital date would be placed on the calendar during the Fall semester.
  2. Recital Program - The student should prepare a typed copy of the program (Word for Macintosh is the preferred software) and, along with all other recital materials, submit both a printed and digital copy (email attachment) of the program to the supervising professor. The supervising professor will proof the program and forward it to the Main Office for preparation and printing. The program should follow School of Music guidelines (available on the School's web site at or in room 101K). The program materials must be delivered at least two full weeks before the performance date. The supervising faculty member will receive a final proof before the program is printed.
  3. Cancellation - Only the supervising faculty member may cancel a student recital. Notification of the cancellation should be sent to or to Laveta Gibson at If the cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the performance time, the supervising professor must post a cancellation notice outside the Recital Hall and in the lobby of the Music building. Recitals canceled after the fifth day of classes cannot be scheduled for a later date in the same semester. Except in exceptional circumstances, the student will begin the rescheduling process by paying another recital fee ($50) and submitting appropriate program materials to the supervising professor. Those recitals cancelled within two weeks of the recital, will be charged $100 to reschedule. Any exception to this policy will be determined by the Director of Undergraduate Studies (for undergraduate students) or Director of Graduate Studies (for graduate students) in consultation with the dean and the student's professor.

2. Information for Faculty
After recital fees have been paid, the student will meet with the faculty member who is supervising the student's recital to determine the recital date/time and program.

  1. Recital Scheduling Process - The faculty member will consult the student, check the (Recital Hall/ Events) calendars for an available date/time, and finally consult any others (accompanist, assisting musicians, etc.) directly involved in the recital as to their availability. This includes consultation with the faculty who are to adjudicate the recital (signed prospecti are required for graduate recitals). The request for a particular recital date/time is relayed to Mrs. Gibson. Program information should be forwarded to the main office at at least two weeks in advance of the recital. The supervising faculty member will receive a final proof before the program is printed.
  2. Cancellation - See 1.c. above.

Student recitals are scheduled to begin at 4:30, 6:00, and 7:30 p.m. on Mondays through Friday, 6:00 and 7:30 on Saturdays, and 3:00 and 5:00 on Sundays.

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