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OPE 4.00 Guest Artists

Revised: November 2023

  • Due to limited availability of the Recital Hall, studios are limited to one guest artist per area, per semester. These should also be in the beginning months of each semester. No guest artist recitals may be scheduled in November/December or March/April.
  • Requests for payment to guest artists must be made at least 6 weeks in advance, to Mary Peak. Payment on or by date of performance is not guaranteed, without a 6-week notice.
  • Please complete the Guest Artist Form for guests. This form is used to communicate travel and honorarium information. Link to Guest Artist form:
  • Guest artists must be enrolled through USC vendor system to receive an Honorarium payment.
  • International Guest Artists: Contact Mary as early as possible if you plan on bringing an International guest to campus. Guests who are not US residents, traveling from another country, must provide additional information, and we must follow different processes. Please notify the Finance Team as soon as possible for these guests.
  • Finance team must complete a travel authorization (TA) form for all non-employee travel.
  • USC Travel Policies apply to guest travel: Reimbursed after the trip, Airfare is paid for economy seat, Airfare is reimbursed for amount paid out of pocket (not for points used), mileage and per diem using rates.
  • Hotel rooms can be booked as a direct bill through Laveta, if funding supports. This is limited to the Hilton (and their properties) and USC hotel.  Include this info on Guest Artist forms.

My School of Music

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