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SP 2.00 - Undergraduate Scholarship Policies

Adopted: August 5, 2002

(1996-97 revision)

The USC School of Music awards scholarships to talented students based on demonstrated performance ability and anticipated service to the School and University community. The following School of Music policies, in conjunction with National Association of Schools of Music guidelines, have been adopted to manage the awarding and renewal of music scholarships to undergraduate students.


1. All students seeking a School of Music scholarship must perform an audition judged by appropriate music faculty. In cases where extreme distance makes a live audition impractical, an audio or video tape may be substituted. An award based on a taped audition must be validated by a live performance after the student is in residence at the University.

2. All students who perform a music scholarship audition will be notified of the result by letter. If a scholarship award is extended, the letter of award will specify the courses and services required in order to receive the scholarship award.

3. A change in choice of major may also affect a change in the scholarship award. For instance, if a student indicates music as a major at the time of audition but subsequently decides to change to a non-music major before the beginning of classes, the scholarship award may be adjusted or rescinded.

4. A change in the date of matriculation may also affect a change in the scholarship award. Students who do not begin classes in the semester anticipated must communicate with the Scholarship Committee to determine if the award is still valid at the time of matriculation.


1. The letter of award will specify the student's responsibilities for receiving a music scholarship award. Students who adequately fulfill those stated responsibilities may request and receive renewal of the music scholarship award on an annual basis.

2. Students who request renewal of music scholarship awards will be reviewed annually by the Scholarship Committee, though special circumstances may necessitate a review at some other time. The review process will normally be completed in May after Spring semester grades are reported. Students will be notified of the Scholarship Committee's decision by letter.

3. The following criteria will be utilized by the Scholarship Committee in the review of music scholarship award renewal requests:

  1. Enrollment in appropriate applied music class, earning a grade of "B" or higher in both Fall and Spring semesters (minimum of six semesters for non-music majors).
  2. Enrollment in appropriate major ensemble, earning a grade of "B" or higher in both Fall and Spring semesters.
  3. Satisfactory academic progress (requires a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher).
  4. Major in Music (if required by the letter of award).
  5. Full-time student status (based on 12 credit hours per semester).
  6. Other specific area requirements (piano, composition, etc.)

4. Music scholarship awards will be renewed, renewed with one semester of probation, or rescinded on the basis of the annual evaluation. Renewal at a different monetary level than the original award is possible.

5. A copy of information pertaining to the annual review process for renewal of music scholarship awards will be placed in the individual student file. Any waiver of the aforementioned criteria granted by the Scholarship Committee will be documented and placed in the individual student file.

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