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OPF 2.00 - Faculty Studio Assignments

Adopted: November 28, 2000

The following guidelines regarding future assignments of faculty studios have been established by the School of Music Executive Committee and reviewed by the music faculty.

  • Full time continuing faculty members should have his/her own studio.
  • In general, a studio presently occupied by a departing faculty member who has given responsibilities, will be filled by the newly-hired faculty member who has the same teaching responsibilities (e.g. new piano professor assigned to former piano professor’s studio).
  • Faculty members who wish to change studio locations must submit a written request to the dean.  The dean will review the request with the School of Music Executive Committee and will attempt to honor the request as studio vacancies occur.  Should two or more faculty members request reassignment to a specific studio, preference will be given to the faculty member with greater seniority.
  • Because of the design of the building, some studios are acoustically isolated while others are not.  Those that are acoustically isolated should be assigned to faculty members whose primary responsibility is music performance.
  • Faculty members currently assigned to acoustically isolated studios who do not have performance responsibilities will retain his/her current assignment.  However, should a time come when additional full-time performance faculty members are hired, it may be necessary to relocate the non-performance faculty member to a studio that is not acoustically isolated.
  • Upon the departure of a non-performance faculty member from a performance-oriented studio, it is possible that the new faculty member will not be assigned to the same studio.
  • Emeriti Professors:  It is most likely that emeriti professors will share studio(s).  Emeriti professors with similar responsibilities are likely to be assigned to a shared studio (e.g. vocalist and pianist may share a studio with a grand piano.  Composer and saxophonist may share a studio with an upright piano.)
  • Adjunct Professors:  Adjunct professors will likely share studios.  Studio assignments will be based upon the teaching needs and schedules of the adjunct faculty members.  (e.g. A person who teaches Monday and Wednesday may be paired with somebody who teaches on Tuesday and Thursday.)

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