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OPP 3.00 - Personnel Policies - Faculty Travel Support for 2023-24

Revised: July 2023


  1. There will not be an established amount for each person, with restrictions on how it is to be used.
  2. Each faculty member who wishes to engage in professional travel must apply for each individual trip for which they seek reimbursement by completing the Internal Travel Authorization Form. This application should include:
    • Event
    • Dates
    • Location
    • Type of participation (refereed paper presentation/performance, lecture invitation, professional development, etc)
    • The professional relevance of the event(s)
    • Travel budget including registration fee, if applicable and ANY amount you may be recompensed for the travel
  3. It is critical that each faculty member illuminate, as a part of their request, what School activities that require their attendance they may miss, as a result of any requested travel - these include: the opening of school, faculty meetings, juries, recital jury duties, auditions, diagnostic or comprehensive exams, and how assigned lessons and classes will be covered. All of these must be approved by the Dean.
  4. It is growing less likely that expenses associated with repeated summer activities can be reimbursed each year.
  5. This policy serves two purposes:
    • To get to know what each of your values and what types of events you feel are vital to your professional activities and reputations, to better help you individually, and to better help senior faculty who serve in mentoring capacities with junior faculty.
    • De-regulation of travel funds makes it possible to be more flexible with the budget available, helping individuals, as well as the collective, target with applicable funds those activities that yield the most benefit to each of us.

The deadline for such applications for the entire July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024 academic year, is OCTOBER 13, 2023. As in the past, these can be accepted in the Dean's office after this date, but the likelihood of funding is remote.

In addition, requests for reimbursement for any travel in Summer 2024 that is to occur after June 30, 2024 but before the new school year contract for all faculty begins on August 16, 2024, must be requested using the process described above in Guidelines and submitted for Dean's approval by April 1, 2024. These can be accepted in the Dean's office after this date, but the likelihood of funding is reduced.

Tayloe Harding, Dean

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