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OPP 7.00 - Teacher Responsibilities

Revised: July 25, 2003

THE FACULTY MANUAL - Columbia Campus
Statement of Policy (pp. 40-41)

1. Instructional staff members are responsible for stating clearly the instructional objectives of each course they teach at the beginning of each term. It is expected that each instructional staff member will direct instruction toward the fulfillment of these objectives and that examinations will be consistent with these objectives. Instructional staff members are responsible for orienting the content of the courses they are assigned to teach to the course descriptions approved by the Faculty Senate or Graduate Faculty as published in the University Bulletin.

2. Instructional staff members are responsible for informing students in their classes of the methods to be employed in determining the final course grade and of any special requirements of attendance which differ from the attendance policy of the University. At the request of a student, a faculty member should make available information and/or an evaluation of the student's progress prior to the free drop date.

3. It is expected that graded examinations and papers will be provided to the student for inspection and discussion. Thus final examinations will be retained for one semester to provide the opportunity for review with the instructor, if the student so desires. It is expected that examinations will be graded within a sufficiently appropriate time to make the examination a part of the student's learning experience.

4. All instructional staff members are expected to meet their classes regularly and at scheduled times. In case of illness or any other emergency, the instructor will notify the dean or department chair so that appropriate action may be taken.

5. All instructional staff members whose responsibilities involve students are expected to schedule a reasonable number of office hours for student conferences. Office hours should be scheduled at times convenient to both students and instructors with the additional option of prearranged appointments for students where there is a schedule conflict. The number of office hours is to be determined at the appropriate administrative level and office hours should be a matter of common knowledge.

6. Instructional staff members must refrain from engaging in any romantic or sexual relations with students over whom they have academic or supervisory control.

7. Instructional staff members who are responsible for academic advising are expected to be in their offices at specified hours during registration and during the succeeding school year.

8. Students who feel that the above policy and procedures have been violated to their personal detriment should consult the department chair or dean.

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