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College of Pharmacy

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Pharm.D. Program

Application Process

ATTENTION: Effective immediately for the 2020-2021 application cycle, the UofSC College of Pharmacy will no longer require the PCAT for admission into the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program.

Financial, physical, and wellness constraints due to the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted applicants’ ability to access PCAT testing services. Additionally, our college strives to remove any barriers to the pursuit of a Pharm.D. degree caused by standardized testing that would prevent us from recruiting and retaining a diverse group of future pharmacists. As a priority of the UofSC COP is to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment, we feel the decision to temporarily waive the PCAT requirement will best serve the needs of all our applicants during these challenging times.

Please reach out to our Director of Admissions who can assist you with questions and personalized admissions advising.


The University of South Carolina provides an educational experience unlike any other. We invite you to become part of our more than 150-year legacy at the UofSC College of Pharmacy.

The application cycle begins in July for entry into the Pharm.D. program in the Fall semester of the following year. Carefully review our Admission Requirements and evaluation criteria in order to put your best foot forward. 

There are several required steps in the application process for the Pharm.D. program. Become familiar with this timeline to ensure that you complete every step necessary for your application to be considered. We review applications on a rolling basis, therefore, applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Required Steps in the Application Process

  • Review our Admission Cycle Instructions [pdf]

  • Review our Admission Requirements and Evaluation Criteria
    The UofSC College of Pharmacy evaluates applicants holistically to determine a candidate's potential as a student pharmacist. This means that in addition to GPA and PCAT score, we consider all qualities and attributes of applicants evidenced by their application package.

  • Review our Technical Standards [pdf]

The PharmCAS is an electronic application that is submitted through the Pharmacy College Application Service.

The PharmCAS application opens in July and must be submitted by the February deadline.

As part of the PharmCAS application, you will be required to submit the following:

  • Three Electronic Evaluations (Letters of Recommendation)
    You must submit three appropriate electronic evaluations (letters of recommendation) through the PharmCAS system. Inappropriate evaluations include those written by family members, friends, family friends or other individuals who cannot speak to the characteristics evaluated by the Admissions Committee.
  • Official Transcripts
    Official transcripts from all accredited U.S. institutions attended must be submitted with the Transcript Request Form directly to PharmCAS from each institution, including high school dual enrollment credit. 
  • Official PCAT Scores
    See details in Step 4 below.

This checklist can help you gather the right materials as you prepare your application. The application fee is submitted directly to PharmCAS when you submit your application.

PharmCAS will not process an application until the application is complete, the application fee is paid, and ALL official transcripts are received. Processing can take up to 5 weeks after all required materials are received by PharmCAS. You can login to PharmCAS and check the status of your application at any time.

Once your PharmCAS Application is complete and verified, it will be provided to the UofSC College of Pharmacy. Submit your application as soon as possible to ensure earlier review by the UofSC Admissions Committee. 

The UofSC College of Pharmacy Supplemental Application is separate from the PharmCAS Application. 

The Supplemental Application opens in July and must be submitted by the February deadline. 

Access the UofSC College of Pharmacy Supplemental Application:

  1. Visit the Admissions Login page
  2. Click on First time user account creation
  3. Create a Login ID and PIN
  4. Under Campus, select USC Columbia
  5. For Application Type, select College of Pharmacy
  6. Complete and submit the application

There is an application fee of $65, which is nonrefundable and payable by electronic check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard only).

Submit your application as soon as possible to ensure earlier review by the Admissions Committee.

*See note above. Applicants may submit PCAT scores if they feel it would strengthen their application.

All Pharm.D. applicants must take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) as part of the application process. We recommend that applicants take the PCAT no later than October

Official PCAT scores are reported to PharmCAS using Code 104 upon exam registration. Any exam score older than 5 years will not be accepted.

Applicants may submit both the PharmCAS and UofSC Supplemental Applications prior to  taking the PCAT exam. Applications should be submitted as soon as they are complete; do not wait to take the PCAT or for your scores to be received by PharmCAS.

To expedite the processing of applications, applicants are encouraged to submit their unofficial PCAT score report (printed at testing center) to our Director of Admissions.

The UofSC College of Pharmacy’s admission process operates on a rolling basis. Interviews are scheduled September through mid-March. Not all applicants are invited to interview; applicants not selected for an interview will not be considered for admission.

Once your verified PharmCAS application, supplemental application and PCAT score (official or unofficial) have been received by the College of Pharmacy, the Admissions Committee will review your application package and selected applicants will be invited to interview for admission into the Pharm.D. program.

The on-site interview consists of a College of Pharmacy overview presentation, two 30-minute one-on-one interviews, a student-led tour of the college and an exit interview; this process will take about half a day. Interviewees are required to bring three copies of an updated resume to the interview.

Students from around the globe participate in our Pharm.D. program. We welcome international applicants and want to ensure you submit all the necessary application materials. With so many important arrangements to make, we recommend that you apply at least nine months before the semester in which you plan to begin your studies.

The College of Pharmacy admits international students as either individual applicants or as members of our partnership programs.

Individual International Applicant Requirements

If you are applying as an individual international applicant, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete Pharmacy Prerequisite Courses
    At least 42 hours of your pharmacy prerequisite courses including English language and public speaking must have been completed at a college or university accredited in the United States, excluding courses delivered via electronic media.
  2. Take an English-based Speech or Public Speaking Course
    You must successfully complete an English-based speech or public speaking course, excluding courses delivered via electronic media.
  3. Demonstrate Proficiency in English
    If admitted to the College, you must be proficient in English with a score of at least 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) paper-based exam, 77 on the internet-based TOEFL or 210 on the computer-based TOEFL. Alternatively, we will accept a score of at least a 6.5 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or a score of at least a 53 on the PTE Academic Test.
  4. Receive a Pharmacy Intern Certificate
    You must be able to receive a Pharmacy Intern Certificate based on the South Carolina Board of Pharmacy requirements. The certificate is a requirement in order to complete the Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences portions of the Pharm.D. curriculum.
  5. Submit a Course-by-Course Transcript Evaluation
    If you have attended post-secondary educational institutions, colleges or universities outside of the United States, you are required to submit a professional credential evaluation of all work completed, also known as a course-by-course transcript evaluation. This transcript evaluation should be sent directly to PharmCAS from the evaluation service.
  6. Show Sufficient Funding for First Year
    You must send the College of Pharmacy's Admissions Office official documents (photocopies acceptable) certifying that you will have sufficient funding to attend the College of Pharmacy for one academic year. This evidence will be used to issue you an immigration document (I-20 or DS-2019), which will be required to obtain the F-1 or J-1 student visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate. However, you do not need to provide this information if you are a permanent resident. You may not be eligible for student loans through the FAFSA process. You will be classified as an out-of-state student during the admissions process and for tuition purposes.
  7. Obtain a Proper Visa
    You are responsible for obtaining a proper visa if you are accepted to our program.

  8. Comply with All Student Policies and Requirements
    If admitted to the Doctor of Pharmacy program, you must comply with all student policies and requirements as detailed in the College of Pharmacy Academic Bulletin & Student Handbook [pdf] and all admission procedure requirements, including a background check and health/immunization policies.

International Partnership Applicants 

The College of Pharmacy also considers a limited number of international applicants to the Doctor of Pharmacy program who have completed at least a five-year bachelor's of science degree in pharmacy and when there is a prior written agreement between the UofSC College of Pharmacy and an international sponsoring university, government, or agency (International Partnership Program.)

If applying as an international partnership applicant to the College of Pharmacy Pharm.D. program, you may apply only after a written agreement between the University of South Carolina and the international sponsoring university, government or agency has been completed. The number of international partnership applicants admitted each year will be determined by the College of Pharmacy; a signed partnership agreement does not guarantee admission of individual applicants. International bachelor's of science degree pharmacists must meet the admission criteria shown below. The College of Pharmacy may grant advanced status, depending on your academic record or practice experience. You must have graduated within 10 years of your application date.

If you are applying as an international partnership program applicant, you must meet the following requirements from above: (3) Demonstrate Proficiency in English; (4) Receive a Pharmacy Intern Certificate; (5) Submit a Course-by-Course Transcript Evaluation; (6) Show Sufficient Funding for First Year; (7) Obtain a Proper Visa; (8) Comply with All Student Policies and Requirements.


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