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Horseshoe to Hollywood

Horseshoe to Hollywood is not a common path for USC graduates. However, Brandon Smith, a 2007 public relations graduate, has taken on the challenge of pursuing an acting career, and has not looked back since. "I am a big believer in chasing dreams and putting forth the effort to make them come true," Smith said. Upon graduating from the university Smith auditioned for enrollment in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, a move that led to roles from commercials and television shows to features in movies.

InterCom's Sidney Little spoke with Smith:

question img What has your experience been like since moving out to Los Angeles?

answer img It has definitely been a struggle, but I keep faith and continue to see my hard work pay off. It also helps that I'm a pretty friendly person and that part of my personality has really helped me stand out in terms of auditions and interviews. As far as location, New York is more me; I spent a summer there and never wanted to leave, but LA is where the business is.


question img Would you say that attending the university of South Carolina contributed to those likeable traits? What are some of your most memorable moments of the university about?

answer img Without a doubt, I love Carolina! I took a crisis communications class with Randy Covington, and that helped me learn to think outside of the box. But my freshman year was amazing. I walked onto the football team while Lou Holtz was still here and that was an experience in itself. Being able to play in the spring game at Williams-Brice Stadium is unforgettable.


question img How have classes in the Coliseum contributed to success in Hollywood?

answer img I started as a broadcast major, and I was able to do a lot of camera work, so I was comfortable in that aspect.


question img That's a pretty cool accomplishment, what are some of the other acting jobs you have done?

answer img Aside from "The Green Hornet" and "Guitar Hero" recently, I was able to fulfill a childhood dream after meeting J.J. Abrams ("Lost," "Star Trek," "Cloverfield") in a restaurant I worked at. I simply told him my dream of wanting to be in one of his "Star Trek" films and he handed me contact info immediately. Next thing I knew, they called me in, fitted me for a space suit, and I was going into battle with none other than Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.


question img That's definitely worth bragging about! It can definitely be said that you seem to have quite the career ahead of you Brandon; we here at Carolina wish you the best of luck in your future projects.

answer img Thanks Sid, it was great having this opportunity, man.



Reprinted from InterCom, the college alumni magazine
Story By: Sidney Little & Design By: Chris Brown

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