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College of Information and Communications

SJMC faculty recognize outstanding students at annual awards ceremony

Damion Waymer at the Awards ceremony
Damion Waymer, director of the J-school.

Students in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications were recognized for their academic achievements, leadership and service at the annual Honors and Awards Reception at the Kennedy Greenhouse Studio on April 18. 

Dean Tom Reichert welcomed family and friends to the ceremony at the Kennedy Greenhouse Studio. "This is my favorite day as I get a chance to honor some of our star students," Reichert said. "They have put all that they have into their coursework, into their extracurricular activities, and we are so proud of them."

Reichert introduced Damion Waymer, who is celebrating his first year as the new director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications and served as emcee of the event, which honored both graduate and undergraduate students.

Award Recipients

Kenneth Campbell, interim associate director of graduate studies, recognized four outstanding graduate students:  Alex Marinelli, Ali Zain, Odera Covenant Ezenna and Naomi K. Luna.

Outstanding advertising seniors were recognized by sequence head Jeff Williams. Williams said, "Choosing the best of the best advertising students is always difficult as we have so many good students. But, just like the real world of advertising, everyone can't win the client or go home with the trophy. To our advertising award recipients, I extend my heartfelt congratulations. Your accomplishments are a testament to your diligence, perseverance and unyielding spirit. "

See some work samples by award recipients Michael Gibson, Katie Langan, Hank Lunn, Janice Rodriguez and Elise Tanenbaum in the gallery below.

Nina Brook, journalism sequence head, presented awards to broadcast journalism seniors Josie Frost and Elizabeth Martinez and to multimedia journalism students Riley Edenbeck and Edwin Hammond

Ken Campbell, mass communications sequence head, presented James Agens, Jordan Davis, Lelia Ottinger with outstanding senior awards for the mass communications sequence.

Kelly Davis, public relations sequence head, recognized outstanding PR students, including  Morgan Liotti, Grace Shields, Emmie Thompson and Hanna Yusuf.

Instructors Scott Farrand and Renée Ittner-McManus presented awards on behalf of the visual communications sequence to Elizabeth Bryerton, Chloe Caudill, Kaitlyn Gough and Xavier Martin. 


Graduates with Leadership Distinction

James Agens, Arianna Bertolotti, Hayley Dunn, Catherine Livingston, Brianna Loewke, Grayson McClendon, Grace Mills, Lella Ottinger, Madelyn (Maddie) Seabolt, Amelia Schroeder, Larsyn Vandermast, Madelyn Weston

Kappa Tau Alpha

Madison Dramstad, Griffin Goodwyn, Callie Hribar, Sydney Jack, Lauren Larsen, Katherine Levey, Nicholas Lott, Laura Lucivero, Caroline Newcomb, Ava Rossini, Madison Thompson, Madelyn Weston, Sydney Zulywitz

Latin Honors

Savion N. Ashmon, Holyn G. Aukerman, Sara E. Barnikel, Arianna M. Bertolotti, Natalie Bianchi, Alyssa C. Bladzik, Emma C. Blystone, Nicole K. Boyd, Nicole T. Boyle, Jordan T. Bradley, Hannah M. Brown, Elizabeth H. Bryerton, Mary A. Burner, Danielle M. Cahn, Jillian N. Camilleri, Claire C. Carter, Rachel G. Carter, Chloe N. Caudill, Emma S. Celentano, Anne D. Christopher, Kirsten E. Clark, Sara M. Cole, Jamison W. Cooper, Grace L. Cope, Benjamin W. Crispin, Alexis H. Croft, Helen J. Crosswell, Jordan R. Davis, Olyvia N. Dill, Madison Q. Dramstad, Hayley J. Dunn, Kaeleigh B. Dunn, Benjamin H. Early, Riley J. Edenbeck, Sydney A. Elder, Allie G. Elsey, Stephen M. Enright, Raymond C. Escoto, Caroline N. Farrell, Grace I. Frazier, Christopher M. Froehlich, Josie G. Frost, Camille M. Garner, Michael L. Gibson, Alexis F. Gilfillan, Kylie K. Glinsky, Emma P. Gordy, Kaitlyn M. Gough, Maelani R. Groff, Olivia K. Gummo, Katherine A. Hall, Casey P. Hall, Edwin L. Hammond, Emma G. Harwood, Anna E. Heidel, Henry A. Heredia, Julia Hess, Emma J. Hess, Amelia A. Hill, Anna J. Hirst, Tyler A. Holmes, Phoebe J. Howie, Tyler R. Hucks, Katie G. Jameson, Zoe Kennedy, Jada Kirkland, Jackson E. Knight, Brianna K. Kordes, Sophia E. Laico, Katie G. Langan, Clay Laucella, Margaret I. Lesesne, Katelyn B. Lesesne, Morgan E. Liotti, Catherine V. Livingston, Brianna A. Loewke, Laura D. Lucivero, Margaret H. Lunn, Emma G. Madsen, Lauren R. Mandel, Rachel E. Manning, Ryan A. Manor, Jenna G. Marandola, Emma G. Martin, Elizabeth P. Martinez, Francisco J. Martinez Ramirez, Katherine J. Mathis, Caroline C. McAuley, Grayson S. McClendon, Zharia T. McFadden, Isabelle S. Mearls, Kayla J. Medlin, Grace E. Mills, Mary Bradham O. Minor, Meredith C. Moore, Julia E. Morgan, Kristina T. Murray, Lily G. O'Neil, Rebeca Olariu, Loren E. Osteen, Lelia A. Ottinger, Anna G. Ottinger, Tashera M. Pravato, Calista N. Pushman, Raynee E. Quillen, Wade J. Rainey, Brianna K. Rao, Cooper V. Redd, Parker T. Rhodes, Jasmin Rivera Flores, Morgan S. Robinson, Janice Rodriguez, Mallory L. Roof, Gracie E. Rorie, Alexander J. Ross, Hanna N. Schatteman, Georgia Schlacter, Amelia Q. Schroeder, Madelyn M. Seabolt, Grace M. Shields, Keelin C. Sibley, Hailey D. Smilowitz, Isabelle S. Snelling, Desiree P. Solenberger, Bethany M. Speciale, Tyler J. Steeland, Annie C. Studer, Caroline R. Sumner, Gillian E. Thomas, Emily T. Thompson, Madison L. Thompson, Emilia B. Usher, Larsyn R. Vandermast, Claire R. Wallace, Kendall E. Wase, Amanda P. Watson, Madelyn R. Weston, Flannery H. Whitney, Lauren M. Wickham, Margaret L. Williams, Mikayla B. Woolley, Hallie A. Worth, Julia Zaino.

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