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College of Information and Communications

EQuIP - Educational Quality through Instructional Partnerships

Research Team

Dr. Lucy Green

Lucy Santos Green, Ph.D. - Principal Investigator/Project Lead

Lucy Santos Green, Director of the School of Library and Information Science, University of Iowa; school librarian educator, researcher, internationally known in the areas of technology integration for K-12 settings, instructional partnerships for learning, school librarianship in international settings, library services for LGBTQIA+ children and youth, and instructional design.

Dr. Melissa Johnston

Melissa Johnston, Ph.D., Instrument Designer

Melissa P. Johnston, Professor in the College of Education, University of West Georgia, school librarian educator and researcher, well published and internationally known in the areas of technology leadership, and research methods in library and information science.

Dr. Ismahan Arlsan-Ari

Ismahan Arlsan-Ari, Ph.D., Statistician

Ismahan Arslan-Ari, Associate Professor in the College of Education, University of South Carolina, and director of the South Carolina Center for Assistive Technology and Educational Research; experienced quantitative researcher who specializes in developing and implementing explanatory and experimental statistical models in K-12 settings.

Dr. Leslie Maniotes

Leslie Maniotes, Ph.D., Instructional Specialist

Leslie Maniotes, co-creator of Guided Inquiry Design and the professional development for model implementation, specialist in curriculum and instruction with over 15 years of experience in teacher training. 

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