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Global Strategic Communication Consortium

Studying and shaping the future of research/strategy in the field is the goal of the Global Strategic Communication Consortium.  

For media enquiries, comments from any of our members, past newsletters, or details about upcoming events: Please email or call (803) 777-3764. 



The mission of the GSCC is to move strategic communication forward by focusing research and collaborations on future challenges, technological innovations, crises, and ethics in the field.

Berger Research Award
Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the call for research awards focusing on the intersection of ethics and futurism in strategic communication globally. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, it is essential to explore the ethical dimensions of communication strategies and anticipate future trends to ensure responsible and effective practices.

2024 - Ethics & Futurism

Ethics is taking an even more vital role than ever before in our world filled with conflicts, wars, shortages, health problems, crises, and rapid technological changes. It is clear: in the future, ethics must take a central role in society’s response to these issues — and that response is critical to the strategic communication management discipline and even to civilization itself. To thrive in the future or just exist … may all be a matter of ethics.  

We will discuss research on these issues as a small conclave of leading scholars and professionals.

Creating ethical understanding and well-analyzed standards for AI use is the goal of the AI EAB. 

AI Ethics Advising

Creating ethical understanding and well-analyzed standards for AI use is the goal of the AI EAB.


Our membership is comprised of leading scholars from five continents. Our expert scholars in strategic communication are available for media commentary, advice, training, and collaboration on numerous aspects of the field from artificial intelligence to misinformation, transhumanism to social innovation, manufacturing and employee relations, to politics and nontraditional warfare, to public diplomacy and government affairs, crises, disaster and emergency response, terrorism, problem solving, nonprofits, technological advances and innovation, ethics, and many specialized areas.


We will lead the field forward with provocative, proactive, strategic thinking about the future.


We value truth, ethical rectitude, innovation, academic freedom, and futuristic thinking. Collaboration and autonomy each inspire advances and we eschew the constraints of limited freedom by thinking boldly, with equality, merit, and the search for veracity and constant improvement as our guides.  

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.