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College of Information and Communications

  • Summerville students 2019

About Us

Founded in 1923, the Southern Interscholastic Press Association is a nonprofit organization committed to helping students, advisers and administrators at public and private schools across the South create and cultivate unique, high-quality student media programs and rigorous hands-on learning experiences for all student storytellers.

 To achieve our mission statement, we set forth six core values to guide our programs, initiatives and opportunities.

Six Core Values

  1. Building and fostering relationships among both students and advisers across the region, creating a scholastic media family that inspires camaraderie, creativity and collaboration
    • Generate high levels of enthusiasm and excitement toward the mission of scholastic media and the pursuit of media-related careers 
    • Invest in strategic partnerships with state-level scholastic media associations and select universities in our region to amplify our shared interests 
    • Create opportunities for both students and advisers to engage in organizational leadership and self-governance
  2. Supporting First Amendment rights throughout the Southeast region
    • Build relationships and partnerships with school administrators and promote the value of high-quality scholastic media outlets in their schools
    • Support New Voices legislation in states within the SIPA region
  3. Ensuring scholastic media programs in majority-Black and Latinx and Title I schools within our region have equitable access to SIPA educational opportunities
    • Promote cultural growth and understanding by amplifying the voices of students of color 
    • Accurately represent the full range of contemporary Southern identity by showcasing an inclusive and diverse platform of voices 
    • Invest in proactive efforts to reach and support Black, Latinx and Title I advisers and students across the region
  4. Encouraging students to engage in the critical consumption of media
    • Provide students and advisers with tools to evaluate media credibility
    • Provide students with opportunities to review and study storytelling from various perspectives to evaluate the efficacy
  5. Guiding students in improving the production of meaningful, ethical and accurate storytelling
    • Provide high-quality instruction and learning opportunities 
    • Facilitate contests and competitions that challenge students to higher levels of achievement and honor their accomplishments
    • Help individual publications and advisers identify their strengths and weaknesses, and coach/mentor them toward high levels of effectiveness and success
  6. Encouraging dialogue and student storytelling that explores topics and issues unique to the SIPA region
    • Showcase Southern voices and media professionals doing unique work within the region
    • Empower students to help shape the narrative of the South for their generation through their journalistic storytelling 
    • Invest in outreach efforts to recruit and support schools in underrepresented states to ensure we are serving the entire SIPA region, not just those areas geographically closest to our home office

Who we are:

SIPA's Executive Committee consists of advisers, scholastic media directors, student officers and consultants. Find a committee member in your area with questions and concerns.

Name Title School Program Type Keywords
(hidden column)
Coggins, Erin Chair Sparkman HS (Alabama) NP, ONL, YB tag 1, tag2
Caston, Phillip Past Chair Wando HS (South Carolina) NP, ONL, YB  
Chambers, A.J. Adviser Richland Northeast HS (South Carolina) BC  
Ragsdale, David Vice Chair, CJI Liaison Clarke Central HS (Georgia) BC, LM, NP, ONL  
Donnelly, Lucas Student President  Clarke Central HS (Georgia) NP, ONL  
Leasy, Alexis Student Member-at-Large Tupelo HS (Mississippi) BC  
Warren, Tess Student Member-at-Large Sparkman HS (Alabama) NP, ONL  
Morgan, R.J. SPA Director MSPA (Mississippi)    
Hill, Monica SPA Director NCSMA (North Carolina)    
Moreno, Stephanie SPA Director GSPA (Georgia)    
Ellerton, Del Adviser Midtown HS (Georgia) NP, ONL  
Murray, Mark Consultant ATPI (Texas)    
Dennis, Joe Consultant Piedmont College (Georgia)    
Inglis, Mary Consultant Endowment (Florida)    
Flowers, Karen Consultant Endowment (South Carolina)    
Gorsuch, Brenda Consultant Finance (North Carolina)    
Rotenberry, Thatcher Student Brookwood HS (Alabama) BC  
Harris, Erinn Adviser Thomas Jefferson HS ST (Virginia) BC, NP, ONL, YB  
Wood, Charlotte Adviser Madison County HS (Virginia) LM  
Waugaman, Chris Consultant Virginia State University (Virginia) BC, NP, ONL, YB  
Hanf, Steve Adviser First Flight HS (North Carolina) NP, ONL. YB  
Floore, Chris Consultant Macon-Bibb County (Georgia)    
Steinmetz, Larry Secretary Bullitt East HS (Kentucky) NP, ONL, YB  
Reaser, Lori Adviser Albemarle HS (Virginia) NP, ONL  
Berry-Ivy, Katrina Adviser Tupelo HS (Mississippi) BC  


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