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College of Information and Communications

School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Today’s journalism is changing at lightning speed, and the same can be said for advertising, public relations, visual communications and mass communications studies. In other words, all of the majors in our school. The spectrum of opportunities to tell stories with words, photos and video is exploding. Here you’ll explore online news media, digital publishing, social media, microtargeting and viral communication in our classes and in future careers.


Oh, snap! SJMC class dives into augmented reality

Augmented Reality is what lets Snapchat users transform into puppies, tacos and more. One new class in the J-school is exploring how AR works by creating Snapchat lenses of their own, and what they learn could translate into big opportunities after graduation.

Deepfakes: How USC is fighting to stay ahead of misinformation

How do you know that video you just shared isn't fake? Director Andrea Hickerson is part of a team of researchers building software to help journalists identify deepfakes and stay ahead of misinformation.

Deepfakes: How tomorrow's reporters see tomorrow's challenges to truth

Deepfake technology is getting better and better. Senior journalism students Andrea Betancourt and Shelby Beckler share their perspectives on this dangerous, emerging technology, the opportunity for journalists to step up and the weight of public trust in this story for South Carolina Public Radio.

Overton named Page Center research fellow

Associate professor of public relations Holly Overton has been named an Arthur W. Page Center senior research fellow. In her role, she will lead a call for research on corporate social advocacy as part of the Penn State center’s 2021 Page/Johnson Legacy Scholar grants.

Davis named to PRSA College of Fellows

From leading boards to mentoring students, Kelly Davis has long been a formidable force in the public relations profession. Now, her efforts have earned her one of the profession's highest honors.

Why rushing a COVID-19 vaccine by November could be dangerous

Dr. Brooke McKeever discusses how targeted messaging to different audiences and not cutting corners could help increase public trust in the vaccine.

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