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College of Information and Communications

Master of Arts

If you’re looking for a career in research in the communications industry, take a look at our Master of Arts degree. It’s a traditional 30-hour academic program that includes a six-hour thesis. 

Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of coursework including a six-hour thesis. The thesis is designed to demonstrate that the student is capable of conducting independent research under the supervision of a faculty committee.

Fifteen hours must be earned in graduate-level journalism and mass communication core courses. With the approval of the faculty advisor, the M.A. student may take a minimum of nine semester hours of coursework outside the School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Core Requirements

The basic M.A. core consists of five courses plus a six-hour thesis totaling 21 hours. A minimum of three additional elective courses (nine hours) must be taken in journalism and mass communication or outside the School with the approval of the faculty adviser.

To complete the M.A. degree, the student must complete the following:

1. A minimum of 30 graduate credits.

a. The M.A. core (21 hours)

  • Research Methods in Mass Communication
  • Communication Theory
  • Media Law
  • History of Mass Media
  • Literature of Mass Communication
  • Thesis Preparation (six hours)

b. An additional nine hours of approved graduate-level credits.

2. A comprehensive examination (a five-hour written test based on the M.A. core courses).

3. An oral examination in defense of the thesis

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