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Division of Human Resources

Being thankful

Gratitude gives back to the grateful

Try something. Think of three things you're grateful for, major or minor. Have them? Chances are, you're a bit happier. Embracing gratitude creates positivity and builds emotional resilience.

If you struggle with gratitude—or negatively compare your life with others'— your Employee Assistance Program can help reframe your view. Gratitude isn't just nice; it's important. EAP can help you find it.

Webinar: Know Your Strength

Do you know your top strengths? Being confident in knowing what you are good at helps you approach situations with a strengths mindset, enabling you to respond more creatively to challenges.

This online seminar may be accessed anytime starting December 15. No registration is necessary – just log into the EAP website using the username “USC” and password “guest”. Once you are logged in, scroll down and you will see “Online Seminars” in the middle of the page.

Articles, Training and More

Your Employee Assistance Program has many other resources to help you learn your strengths and embrace gratitude. Log into or call 800-633-3353 to get started.

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