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Division of Human Resources

HCM PeopleSoft System Resources

The following information is provided to assist in the transition to and use of the PeopleSoft system.

Sign into HCM PeopleSoft 

HCM PeopleSoft is a single integrated system for managing a wide range of functions relating to HR, Payroll, Benefits and Self Service. 


Tips for Employees

How to "Claim My USC Credentials" [pdf] 
Learn what to do when you receive an email linking you to the credentials-claiming web page. Act quickly on this – the link expires in 48 hours.

Sample Paycheck Stub [pdf] 
For faculty, staff and student employees

ALERT: If this is your first time using eLearning resources at this website, read this important eLearning tip sheet [pdf].

eLearning – Employee Self Service
With these eLearning materials, you can set your own pace as you learn about Self Service screens and functionality.

eLearning – Self Service Fundamentals
This self-paced eLearning resource covers important basics about the new system. Included is guidance on signing in and signing out – and information on how key web pages display content.

System Set-Up Checklist -  for new university employees (faculty and staff), new student employees and new affiliates. It shows required and optional set-up actions to be completed when you first log in to the HCM PeopleSoft system.

Tip Sheet for Employee Self Service -  highlights key features and functions in the Employee Self Service feature of the HCM PeopleSoft system. 

Tip Sheet for Affiliates -  highlights features and functions that Affiliates can use in the HCM PeopleSoft system.

Tips for Managers

eLearning – Manager Self Service
Use these eLearning materials to learn at your own pace.

Job aid [pdf] on how to review and approve a tuition assistance request in HCM.

Tips for HR Contacts

HR Contacts must complete this training course to be granted access to HR functionality in the new system.

HCM Actions Job Aid [pdf] is a quick reference to determine which HCM PeopleSoft eForm should be used to initiate HR and Payroll actions.

Job aid [pdf] on how to review and approve a Tuition Assistance request in HCM.

Important resources regarding the credentialing process for new hires and affiliates.

Individuals with HR roles (Department HR Contact, College/Division HR Contact, or Campus HR Contact) may pull queries (reports) from the HCM system. Two documents are available listing queries available to people who have:
Department HR access
• College/Division and Campus HR access

Navigation to access the Query Viewer page in the system:  NavBar > Classic Home > Main Menu >  Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer.

Integration with PeopleSoft [pdf]  
Shows two processes and how they integrate with PeopleSoft:  the hire process and PD actions process.

Download the Excel workbook (two tabbed spreadsheets) [xlsx]

When clicking to download, you will be prompted to save the spreadsheet to your computer.

With the new system, you need to calculate the amount per pay period for instances of ongoing additional pay, rather than the previous approach of indicating the total amount. You will then enter the per-pay-period amount into the Additional Pay eForm. This applies to ongoing salary adjustments. The calculator is a simple Excel spreadsheet that  calculates for you based on the total amount, pay group and number of pay periods.

This quick guide [pdf] shows you how to select appropriate basis on position descriptions and hiring proposals in PeopleAdmin. Selecting the appropriate basis is crucial in ensuring the employee's pay is accurate in HCM.

HCM PeopleSoft uses nine account codes to classify payroll expenses – in place of the 75 object codes used previously. This 1-page reference [pdf] lists the new account codes and earnings codes.

This matrix will help you understand the different job codes and types of pay [pdf] for student employees. 

The HR Dashboard in HCM [pdf] provides up-to-date data to assist in tracking/monitoring pertinent information on your employees. The information is separated into the six data sets listed below. Note:  this is only available to HR Contacts at the College, Division and Campus levels.

  • Turnover analysis
  • Diversity overview
  • Diversity analysis
  • Job category
  • Headcount movement
  • Current headcount

HCM initiators can see the eForms that they initiated and are pending in the workflow.  Approvers can see eForms pending at any workflow state in which they have approval authority. Reference the job aid [pdf] for more information.

This reference guide [pdf] provides a list of reasons to separate and when to use which reason for separating employees. 

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