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Division of Human Resources

Managing your money

Financial success begins with a plan

Turn your financial goals into a step-by-step plan. Whether you're starting an emergency fund, paying off debt, or dreaming of retirement, we'll connect you to experts who can help. The first step of your plan is to contact your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) today.

Webinar: Your Financial Checkup

Just like a regular health checkup, this session will walk you through a "financial checkup," guiding you through the necessary steps to examine your finances.

This online seminar may be accessed anytime starting January 21st. No registration is necessary – just log into the EAP website using the username “USC” and password “guest”. Once you are logged in, scroll down and you will see “Online Seminars” in the middle of the page.

Articles, Training and More

Your Employee Assistance Program has many other resources to help you manage your money. Log into and you will find ways to create a strategy to budget, save, and invest your way to success.


Posted January 13, 2020

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