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Human Resources and Payroll Project

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Project Town Hall

A big learning event drew HR Contacts, Business Managers, Student Hire Representatives and others – for an in-depth look at the new HR/Payroll system.

The session included a project overview, demonstrations of functions and eForms, and information about training. Held in January 2019, it was a great way to begin a year that will bring change with implementation of the new HR/Payroll system.

The new system goes live in April 2019. The change will take us from a technology platform that is more than 30 years old – to an advanced system with online forms, quicker processing, easier status tracking, and faster access to information.

What to expect if you watch the Project Town Hall video:

  • Learn about the project's purpose and key milestones from Co-Sponsors Caroline Agardy (Vice President for Human Resources) and Mandy Kibler (University Controller).
  • See the new system in action, with on-screen demonstrations led by the USC project leads for HR (Connie Thompson), Benefits (Jennifer McKay), and Payroll (DeAnna Sloop).
  • Hear about training activities and online resources that will prepare us for change.

Video Table of Contents

Use the times below to forward to specific segments of the Project Town Hall.

Mandy Kibler, University Controller
Caroline Agardy, Vice President for Human Resources
Opening Remarks: From start of video to 8:38

Jennifer McKay, USC Functional Lead for Benefits
Employee Benefits Enrollment: 8:45 to 22:35

Connie Thompson, USC Functional Lead for HR
Introductory Comments: 22:59 to 24:30
Pay for Performance: 24:46 to 32:16
One-Time Bonus (Additional Pay): 32:17 to 36:25
Separation (Status Change): 36:43 to 38:34
Closing Comments: 38:38 to 39:20

DeAnna Sloop, USC Functional Lead for Payroll
Introductory Comments: 39:27 to 41:15
Account Change: 41:15 to 46:20
Student Hire: 46:21 to 56:20

Q-and-A with the Functional Leads: 56:35 to 1:11:02

Teresa Alfonso and Joanne Callahan, Training
Training Activities: 1:11:07 to 1:20:12

Mandy Kibler, University Controller
Closing Remarks: 1:20:20 to 1:22:20

Human Resources and Payroll Project

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