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All University of South Carolina system institutions will be closed through the end of the spring semester. Columbia campus virtual instruction will continue through the conclusion of final exams in May. Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.

Office of the Provost

Policies and Additional Approvals

You may find the following policies and guidelines helpful for planning your University of South Carolina campus or affiliated event. 

  • UNIV 6.00 [pdf] provides a comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures for scheduling and reserving campus events
  • UNIV 4.00 [pdf] provides guidelines for University sponsored events and programs involving minors
  • UNIV 5.00 [pdf] provides details regarding the Tobacco Free Campus policy
  • BUSA 1.03 [pdf] provides guidelines for utilizing Catering for Student Organizations
  • STAF 3.27 [pdf] provides guidelines and catering options for events held in the Russell House University Union

Carolina Catering provides catering services for student organizations and campus events. Off site catering is evaluated per event within the guidelines noted above.

  • STAF 3.23 [pdf] provides guidelines for organizing outdoor events on campus 

In addition to submitting a request to utilize outdoor space, additional approval must be granted by the Associate Vice President for Student Life.

  • STAF 3.02 [pdf] provides a set of guidelines for organizing events with alcohol in or at any university owned or controlled facility and by members of the university community. 

To serve alcohol at your event, you will need to receive additional approval from Substance Abuse Prevention and Education.

  • STAF 3.25 [pdf] provides guidance to student organizations regarding event and facility reservations
  • BUSA 1.03 [pdf] provide guidelines for utilizing Catering for Student Organizations
  • STAF 3.12 [pdf] provides guidelines student organizations should follow when inviting off-campus speakers to USC
  • STAF 3.17 [pdf] provides guidelines for campus solicitation including non-commercial solicitation such as brochures or leaflets
  • STAF 3.23[pdf] provides guidelines outdoor event registration

  • STAF 3.26 [pdf] provides guidelines for inviting distinguished guests to the University of South Carolina
  • STAF 3.12 [pdf] provides guidelines for inviting off-campus speakers to USC

Additional information may be obtained from the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs.

  • STAF 2.01 [pdf] provides guidelines for Blatt Physical Education Center
  • STAF 2.06 [pdf] provides guidelines for external customer use of Campus Recreation Facilities
  • STAF 10.06 [pdf]  provides guidelines for Strom Thurmond Wellness & Fitness Center
  • ACAF 3.15 [pdf] provides guidelines for reserving classroom space
  • FCMN 1.05 [pdf] provides guidelines for leasing “Lease-out” of State-Owned Property to Non-University Parties
  • STAF 4.06 [pdf] provides guidelines for using The Conference Center
  • STAF 8.00 [pdf] provides guidelines and procedures for Visitor Center Leasing 

Other campus facilities and locations may have specific guidelines and policies for events. Check with each department or scheduling coordinator for information on additional rules and guidelines that govern each space. 

  • STAF 3.17 [pdf] guidelines for campus solicitation including non-commercial solicitation such as brochures or leaflets

For a comprehensive list of all University of South Carolina policies that may inform your event planning, review the University Policies and Procedures Manual

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