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Office of the Provost

Committee Governance

Carolina Core Approval Committee


The Carolina Core is the general education core that all undergraduate students must take.   The review process for foundational Carolina Core courses is critically important to ensure that the proposed course meets specific learning outcomes and student achievements and is at the appropriate level (100 and 200 level) for students in their early undergraduate years.  The proposed course should also be able to be assessed using the syllabus rubrics provided. It is important that the proposed Carolina Core courses be reviewed by faculty with an appreciation of the role of the Core and the particular learning outcomes.   The faculty reviewers should also evaluate whether the proposing academic unit is appropriate to offer the course and indicate potential conflicts with other course offerings to the Courses and Curriculum Committee.  Finally, the reviewers of the Carolina Core should also review assessment results on the Core and propose any changes to learning outcomes that might be appropriate.

All actions of the Carolina Core Approval Committee go to the Faculty Senate Courses and Curriculum Committee and if approved, then to the Faculty Senate.   


The Carolina Core Approval Committee includes: the Vice-Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies (as chair); 1 faculty member representing each area of the Carolina Core from the USC Columbia Campus, 1 faculty member to represent all of the Palmetto College campuses, selected by the Office of the Provost and serving for 3-year terms; and, as non-voting members, the currently serving chair of the Courses and Curriculum Committee or designee; Director of Institutional Effectiveness or designee, the University Registrar or designee; and the Director of University Advising or designee. Registrar and Advising representatives should typically be different from those serving on the Courses and Curriculum Committee.  

Name Department or Role Role on Committee Term Ends
Lara Lomicka Interim Vice Provost  Chair  
Tina Stallard Music AIU  Aug 2025
Adela Vraciu Mathematics ARP Aug 2024
Nicole Fisk Associate Director of FYE INF Aug 2024
Gina Ercolini English Language and Literature CMS Aug 2024
Yvonne Ivory Languages, Literatures and Cultures GFL Aug 2025
Andrew Berns History GHS Aug 2024
Tia Stevens Anderson Criminology & Criminal Justice GSS Aug 2024
Kevin Brock English Language and Literature CMW Aug 2026
Leslie Lovelace Chemistry and Biochemistry SCI Aug 2025
Michael Dickson Philosophy VSR Aug 2025
Christine Sixta Rinehart Political Science Palmetto Aug 2025
Sharon Gumina C&C Chair Non-voting  
Brian Habing C&C Chair Non-voting  
Donald Miles Institutional Effectiveness Non-voting  
Aaron Marterer Registrar Non-voting  
Catherine Studemeyer Advising Non-voting  


Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes from years prior to those listed below are available by request.  Please contact the Office of the Provost.

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