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The Black Faculty Caucus is part of an ongoing and larger effort to ensure equity, full inclusion, and a diverse faculty presence here at USC.  It was preceded by efforts in the 1970s and 1980s to form a Black Faculty Association and was most immediately preceded by the USC Black Faculty & Staff Association.  The Black Faculty Caucus uses the term “Caucus” because we see ourselves as part of a larger effort to advocate on behalf of those who self-identify as Black and who have teaching, research, and/or staff responsibilities on the USC-Columbia campus.

The momentum to create the Black Faculty Caucus began in August of 2013, when USC’s Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. John Dozier, called together a nine-member steering committee to discuss the possibility of creating such an organization. Those nine members, listed below, met with Dr. Dozier on several occasions to draft a set of by-laws articulating the mission, structure, and name of the organization.

On March 6, 2014, the committee met with Black faculty on campus to discuss and solicit feedback on the proposed by-laws. Then, on April 28, 2014, the faculty met again to vote on the proposal. The by-laws were approved, and the organization was formed. A committee was established to oversee the nomination and election of officers.

The inaugural Executive Board, listed below, was announced on June 17, 2014.

Steering Committee 

Dr. Tambra Jackson
Dr. Dianne Johnson
Dr. Valinda Littlefield
Dr. Eboni Nelson
Dr. Ronald Pitner
Dr. Alyssa Robillard
Dr. David Simmons
Dr. Todd Shaw
Dr. Tracey Weldon

Inaugural Executive Board

Dr. Tracey Weldon, Chair
Dr. Todd Shaw, Vice Chair/Treasurer
Dr. Bruce Cole, Member-at-large
Dr. Dianne Johnson, Member-at-large
Dr. Terrance Weik, Member-at-large

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