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Office of the Provost

Pre-Authorization Requests

In keeping with national best practices, and with the purposeful planning embodied in the President’s Carolina 2025 initiative, the Provost now requires pre-authorization for academic programs initiated or substantively revised at the University of South Carolina. The Provost will be evaluating all Requests for fit with the strategic priorities of Academic Affairs and of the institution.

Requests must be approved by the Provost before a college/school submits a proposal in the online APPS system for faculty governance approval.

When is Pre-Authorization required?

In order to launch a new academic degree program  (including certificate of graduate study)  or academic unit, faculty are first asked to complete a Program Pre-Authorization Request for Provost review. 

Similarly, substantive changes to an existing degree program or academic unit will also require pre-faculty-governance completion of the Request form.  The types of substantive changes are defined as changes in curriculum of 19 hours or more to an existing undergraduate program or 13 hours or more to an existing master’s, specialist, or doctoral program when considering the addition, deletion, or modification of required courses. (Additional Information see Policies and Procedures for Academic Programs)

The following program actions requiring a Pre-Authorization include:

New Program/Units Pre-Auth:

  • New dual degree programChanges to CIP codes (triggers New Program Program proposal for CHE)
  • Raising a concentration to the level of a full degree 
  • Merging multiple academic units
  • Moving or rearranging academic unit structures in ways that involve budget and tenure lines

New Certificates Pre-Auth:

  • New Certificates 

New Centers/Institutes Pre-Auth:

  • New Centers and Institutes including budget and Faculty Bio
  • Changing an entity from an “Initiative” to a “Center” or “Institute”

Program Modification Pre-Auth:

  • Merging multiple degrees into one degree (consolidations)
  • Offering a program at one or more new sites, domestic or international
  • Splitting one degree into two degrees

Pre-Authorization will NOT be required for:

  • Program or unit name changes, with little or no change in curriculum or structure
  • Adding concentrations to an existing degree
  • Changing degree designation (ME to MS; BA to BFA; etc.)
  • Combination degrees

Pre-Authorization Forms

The Academic Programs Office is charged with collecting the Request forms and facilitating communication between units and the Provost.  Pre-Authorization Requests will be tracked to ensure a response is given within two weeks of submission.

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